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2001Rural Business Information Network project : analysis of the project progress, performance and possibilities; project documentation, final reportSchlemmer, L.; Smith, J.IDRC Only
-Rural care: the core of China's health services.Corea, E.IDRC Only
1984Rural centres in Burma : review of policies since 1962 and a case study of Henzada Township, Irrawaddy DivisionAsian Institute of Technology; Hlaing Maw Oo; Maw Oo HockIDRC Only
1979Rural community health needs survey : a research reportSoemantoIDRC Only
1988Rural community resource centres : a guide for developing countriesGiggey, S.IDRC Only
1989Rural community resource centres training manualGiggey, S.IDRC Only
May-1988Rural cooperatives in Ethiopia : a case study of three different localitiesTeka, TegegneIDRC Only
Oct-1995Rural Cottage Tanneries (Zimbabwe) : Final Technical and Financial ReportAscough, W JIDRC Only
1994Rural cottage tanneries in Zimbabwe : final reportCano, A.; Ascough, W.T.IDRC Only
Oct-1994Rural Cottawa Tanneries in Zimbabwe : Final ReportCano, Antoine; Ascough, W TIDRC Only
1994Rural credit, empowerment of women and family planning in BangladeshHashemi, S.M.; Schuler, S.R.IDRC Only
1990Rural dairy development and the role of agricultural development projects in LesothoNational University of Lesotho; Mochebelele, M.T.; Ranko, L.IDRC Only
1978Rural development : the Philippine experienceGomez, A.A.; Juliano, P.A.IDRC Only
1977Rural development and change : a case study of a Bangladesh villageBarkat-E-KhudaIDRC Only
2007Rural development and conservation : the future lies with multi-stakeholder collective actionTanui, Joseph; Chemengei, Awadh; Nyangas, Simon; Cheptegei, William; German, LauraIDRC Only
1972Rural development and political changeHopper, W. DavidOpen Access
1978Rural development and rural institutions : a study of institutional changes in West JavaAgro-Economic Survey; Wiradi, G.IDRC Only
1974Rural development and social communication : relationships and strategiesBeltrán S., L.R.; Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical; Cornell UniversityIDRC Only
1990Rural development and social forestry : lessons from ChinaBAIF Development Research Foundation; Hegde, N.G.Open Access
2006Rural development from a territorial perspective : case studies in Asia and Latin AmericaDamiani, OctavioIDRC Only