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1966Sándi warágüerugutiENDA - Caribe, Programa TRAMIL CentroaméricaIDRC Only
1985Sátira y mensaje : medios masivos y modernización en ChinaWalls, J.W.Open Access
1980São Felix do Xingu : a sociodemographic and economic profileUniversidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Centro de Desenvolvimiento e Planeamiento RegionalIDRC Only
2010Scaled Selection Combining Based Cooperative Diversity System With Decode and Forward RelayingSelvaraj, M D; Mallik, R K-
2003Scaling - up and sustaining insecticide - treated net coveragede Savigny, D.; Lines, J.; Lengeler, C.; Cham, K.; Chimumbwa, J.IDRC Only
2013Scaling sustainable land management innovations : the African highland Initiative Devolution ModelTukahirwa, J.M.B.; Mowo, J.; Tanui, J.; Kamugisha, R.; Masuki, K.Open Access
2006Scaling the governance barrierKearney, JohnIDRC Only
2006Scaling the governance barrier : final technical report-IDRC Only
2007Scaling up : a path to effective developmentHartmann, Arntraud; Linn, Johannes F.Open Access
2016Scaling up food security innovations in Asia, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, March 29 - 31, 2016Paz, AlvaroOpen Access
2012Scaling up local rural innovations in the Andes : an alternative to reduce povertyPEIR; Paz, AlvaroOpen Access
2008Scaling up poverty reduction initiatives and improving local governance through CBMS : proceedings of the 2007 CBMS Network Meeting; June 11-16, 2007, Lima, PeruPEP - CBMS Network Coordinating Team, Angelo King Institute for Economic and Business Studies, De La Salle UniversityOpen Access
2012Scaling up rural local innovations in the Andes : promoting changes in institutions and organizationsPEIR; Paz, AlvaroOpen Access
2012Scaling up rural local innovations in the Andes : supporting innovators and entrepreneursPEIR; Paz, AlvaroOpen Access
2002Scaling up the benefits of agroforestry research : lessons learned and research challengesCooper, P.; Franzel, S.; Denning, G.L.IDRC Only
2011Scaling up the international impact of action research : SAS phase 3; final technical reportChevalier, Jacques M.; Buckles, Daniel J.Open Access
2009Scaling-up community carbon projects : a roadmapFournier, Sandie; Morrison, AlexaIDRC Only
2006Scaling-up natural resource management : insights from research in Latin AmericaCarter, Simon E.; Currie-Alder, BruceIDRC Only
8-Nov-2014Scaling-up Sustainable Aquaculture Development in Sri Lanka : final technical report (15 july 2013 - 15 september 2014)Dejager, Tim; Daniel, Sam; Jayakody, D.S.Open Access
1972Scarborough's noble experimentPlumptre, A.F.W.IDRC Only