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May-2011Rules of origin and development of regional production network in Asia : case studies of selected industriesNag, Biswajit; De, DebdeepIDRC Only
Apr-2011Rules of origin in GSP schemes and their impact on Nepal's exports : a case study of tea, carpets, pashmina and handicrafts productsKhanal, D.R.IDRC Only
1984Rules of procedureWorld Commission on Environment and DevelopmentOpen Access
1984Rumeur du train : une région reculée du Maroc risque d'être transforméeMcNicoll, A.Open Access
1992Ruminant nutrition research : methodological guidelinesInstituto Interamericano de Cooperación para la Agricultura; Ruiz, M.E.; Ruiz, S.E.IDRC Only
1989Ruminant physiology and nutrition in Asia : proceedings of the Satellite Symposium held during the VII International Symposium on Ruminant Physiology, Sendai, Japan, Aug. 28, 1989Devendra, C.; Imaizumi, E.Open Access
1989Ruminant production systems in developing countries : resource utilisationDevendra, C.Open Access
1989Ruminant production systems in developing countries : resource utilizationDevendra, C.IDRC Only
1984Rumor de trenes : el ferrocarril y su impacto en una remota zona de MarruecosMcNicoll, A.Open Access
1984Rumour of trains : the railway and its impact in a remote region of MoroccoMcNicoll, A.Open Access
2008Run Ta-Ek Eco-Village for sustainable development : concept note of an ecological human settlementKhuon Khun-NeayIDRC Only
2008Run Ta-Èk : écovillage pour le développement durable; concept d'aménagement d'un établissement humain écologiqueKhuon Khun-NeayIDRC Only
2008Run Ta-Èk : la création d'un écovillage dans un milieu traditionnel Khmer; phase II, principes et plan d'aménagement du village centralGuertin, Pierre S.IDRC Only
1993Running from radiationMétavidea Associates; Vision TV; Gjerstad, O.; Flemington, P.; Rampen, L.; MacDonald, F.; Gwiazda, W.IDRC Only
1974Rural - non-rural relations in Tanzania, 1965-74 : an analysis of intersectoral resource flowsAmey, A.B.IDRC Only
1976Rural adult learner : a crosscultural analysis of educational delivery systems in Ghana and Sri LankaMallette Amaratunga, C.IDRC Only
1997Rural agroindustry in Latin America : an evaluation of the PRODAR NetworkWeber, Ed; Bridier, Bernard; Fiorentino, RaulOpen Access
1992Rural and urban small-scale aluminium industry in Ghana : its employment generation, economic profitability and development policiesYankson, P.W.K.; Kpordugbe, P.G.IDRC Only
1985Rural Aquaculture Project, West Bengal / Orissa : report of the field surveyIndustrial Development ServicesIDRC Only
2009Rural BPO through telecentersDatta, RandhirIDRC Only