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1982Report of the Kenya National Tuberculosis Survey 1979-81, phase I : National B.C.G. Scar Survey in KenyaKenya Medical Research Institute; Aluoch, J.A.IDRC Only
1983Report of the Latin American Workshop on an End Use Focussed Energy StrategyUniversidade de São Paulo; Companhia Energetica de São Paulo; Netherlands. Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken; Goldemberg,J.IDRC Only
1981Report of the meeting / Technical Expert Group Meeting on Common Indexing Tools, New York, 15-17 June 1981UN. Dept. of International Economic and Social AffairsIDRC Only
1989Report of the Meeting of Laboratory Based Institutions, Wildey Conference Centre, Dec. 1-4, 1987Caribbean Development Bank, Caribbean Technological Consultancy Services NetworkIDRC Only
1973Report of the meeting of the Advisory Group for Research on Cropping Systems in South and Southeast AsiaHulse, J.H.Open Access
1974Report of the Meeting of the Technical Panel on Rural Potable Water Supply and SanitationAd Hoc Working Group on Rural Potable Water Supply and Sanitation; Groupe de travail Ad Hoc sur l'approvisionnement en eau potable et l'assainissement en milieu ruralIDRC Only
1975Report of the Meeting of West African Agricultural Librarians and Documentalists, Ibadan, Jan. 20-22, 1975IDRC; International Institute of Tropical Agriculture; Lawani, S.M.; de Chantal, J.Open Access
1988Report of the Meeting on Common Indexing Vocabularies, Ottawa, Canada, 3-5 May 1988IDRC. Information Sciences Division; UN. Advisory Committee for the Co-ordination of Information Systems; Sly, M.Open Access
2007Report of the methodological workshop for the anglophone countries - Nairobi, Kenya : Training Worskhop for the Anglophone Countries of the Panafrican Research Agenda on the Pedagogical Integration of ICTs, 24th - 25th September, 2007, Kenya School of Monetary Studies (KSMS)Educational Research Network for West and Central Africa (ERNWACA)IDRC Only
2003Report of the mid-evaluation of the pilot multipurpose community telecentre at Sengerema district, Mwanza region : final reportMongula, B.; Ngaiza, M.; Mr. Sawenge; Masawe, MatthiasOpen Access
1989Report of the mid-term evaluation of the Botswana Technology Centre Project : technology information disseminationLewis, R.F.IDRC Only
2001Report of the mid-term review of the Eastern and Central Africa Programme for Agricultural Policy Analysis (ECAPAPA)Mukhebi, Adrian W.; Faki, Hamid H.M.; Masters, William A.Open Access
2005Report of the mission to Canada by Egyptian delegation, Dec. 6-10, 2004Donald, IanOpen Access
1985Report of the mission to examine aspects of the feasibility of a regional information system on new and renewable sources of energy for the CaribbeanCommonwealth Science Council; IDRC; UnescoIDRC Only
1989Report of the national seminar on the database project for cooperatives held at Arusha from Feb 20-21, 1989-IDRC Only
2004Report of the Outcome Mapping Workshop for IWMI - Ghana boundary partners, 11 Nov. 2004Resource Centre on Urban Agriculture and ForestryIDRC Only
2003Report of the Outcome Mapping Workshop, Centre for Human Development, Tholangamuwa, Sri Lanka, 7-11 December 2003South Asia Network on Food, Ecology and Culture (SANFEC)IDRC Only
1981Report of the PADIS Intergovernmental Meeting of African Computer, Documentation and Information Scientists, Salisbury, Zimbabwe, 19-23 Oct., 1981Pan-African Documentation and Information SystemIDRC Only
1986Report of the participation in the First ASEAN Science and Technology Week, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 24-30 Apr. 1986Hainald, T.IDRC Only
1996Report of the poverty monitoring survey 1994Bangladesh. Bureau of StatisticsIDRC Only