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2007Reach Policy Initiative : final reportMakerere University, Faculty of MedicineIDRC Only
1999Reaching for the economic kingdom : economic reform in Mandela's South AfricaHirsch, AlanIDRC Only
1991Reaching for the topMétavidea Associates; Radio-Québec; Vision TV; Gjerstad, O.; Flemington, P.; Rampen, L.; MacDonald, F.; Girard, S.IDRC Only
1993Reaching out : IDRC - HDFS Research Network (India); final reportSaraswathi, T.S.; Bhargava, S.; Kaur, B.; Kapadia, S.IDRC Only
2013Reaching out to poor and marginalized communities : learning alliance for out-scaling value chain innovations in the MENA regionKassam, ShinanIDRC Only
2013Reaching out to poor and marginalized communities : learning alliance for out-scaling value chain innovations in the MENA region [Arabic version]Kassam, ShinanIDRC Only
2003Reaching sustainable food security for all by 2020 : getting the priorities and responsibilities rightInternational Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)Open Access
2002Reaching the unreached : empowering the rural poor through improved access to informationM. S. Swaminathan Research FoundationOpen Access
2010Reaching the Unreached: Community Based Village Knowledge Centres and Village Resources CentresRURAL DEVELOPMENT; Nanda, Suchit; Arunachalam, Subbiah; Nanda, Suchit; Arunachalam, SubbiahIDRC Only
1987Reacondicionamiento térmico del parque de viviendas del gran Santiago : bases de evaluación de potencialidadesUniversidad de Chile, Programa de Investigaciones en Energía; Taboada, J.IDRC Only
1986Reaction on mandate and recommendations for actionEnvironment Council of Alberta; Crerar, Alistair D.IDRC Only
1982Reaction to the synthesis report prepared for the UN conference on new and renewable sources of energyBarnett, A.Open Access
2004Reactions by RUAF on the draft position paper of UN - Habitat viewpoint on urban agricultureResource Centre on Urban Agriculture and Forestry; de Zeeuw, H.IDRC Only
1986Reactions on Commission's mandate and recommendations for actionCaccia, CharlesIDRC Only
1986Reactions to Commission's mandate and recommendations for actionsde Fayer, Tom L.IDRC Only
1985Reactivación interna ante una severa restricción externa : análisis de distintas alternativasSolimano, A.; Meller, P.IDRC Only
1987Reactivación y restricción externa : el rol de la política fiscalMarfán, M.IDRC Only
1997Reactivation of mining in the South and behaviour of Canadian companies in Peru : a community consultation; reportCanadian Council for International Cooperation; Consejo Canadiense para la Cooperación International; De Echave C., J.IDRC Only
1987Read these instructions carefully : examination reform and improving health education in KenyaEisemon, T.O.; Patel, V.L.; Abagi, J.IDRC Only
2005Reading across the lines : alliances and philosophies in a conservation - development project; final fieldwork report (2004 - 2005)Cohen, S.IDRC Only