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1988Report of consultancy on demand and supply of skilled manpower in post-production systems of S.A.D.C.C.Gomez, Manel I.; Giga, Denash P.IDRC Only
1993Report of consulting contract : self-sufficiency of the MINISIS resource centresUniversidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Centro de Informacion Cientifica y Humanistica; Barreto, EnriqueIDRC Only
1982Report of Fourth Workshop on Programme of Asian Studies on International Economic Relations (ASIER), 5-10 July 1982, Bangalore, IndiaIndian Council for Research on International Economic RelationsIDRC Only
1982Report of ICRIER - IDRC Seminar on Foreign Exchange Earnings and Employment Generation, 4-8 Aug. 1982, Srinagar, IndiaIndian Council for Research on International Economic RelationsIDRC Only
1987Report of IDRC Board Review Panel - CO-OPButros, A.J.; Hamelin, L.E.; McGinnis, R.C.Open Access
2001Report of IDRC Implementation Strategy Workshop-Open Access
1991Report of Inter-institutional Collaborative Research Programme on Quality Improvement of Rapeseed - Mustard Between India (ICAR) and Canada (IDRC)Singh, R.L.IDRC Only
1992Report of internship program with AFNS (Fisheries Division)Brainerd, T.R.IDRC Only
1988Report of investigation of small and medium scale industries (SMIs) in Thailand, Nov. 29-Dec. 7, 1988Qin Jiren; Shi Zhongyi; Guo Huimin; Sun XiaobingIDRC Only
2006Report of non-residential training workshop on introductory methodology for urban agriculture (UA) research in Sierra Leone, Freetown, 6-7 Mar. 2006-IDRC Only
1991Report of pakwach schistosomiasis research project : UgandaUganda. Ministry of Health; Kabatereine, Narcis BujuneIDRC Only
1988Report of participation in the Workshop on Applied Social Science for Farm and Village Forestry, Kathmandu, Nepal, 25-29 Apr. 1988Sonkram ThamminchaIDRC Only
1992Report of phase 1 / Abrasive Grain Dehuller Evaluation in Malawi, Nov. 1987 to Apr. 30, 1991Kumwenda, W.F.IDRC Only
1976Report of phase II of the study / Research Project on the Socio-Economic Impact of Roads in SarawakNiew Shong Tong; Lim Heng KowIDRC Only
1985Report of Policy Seminar on Services for Young Urban Workers, Penang, 26 July 1985Universiti Sains MalaysiaIDRC Only
2007Report of preparatory workshop for developing curriculum of field epidemiology, 24-25 November 2007Afghan Public Health Institute; Manitoba UniversityIDRC Only
1986Report of President, Ivan L. Head, to opening session Board of Governors, IDRC, New Delhi, India, 18 Mar., 1986Head, I.L.Open Access
1987Report of primary school in-service teacher training in Thailand : an experiment (Classroom Environment Study : Phase II)Thailand. Ministry of Education; Malee NitsaisookIDRC Only
1991Report of proceedings / Southeast Asia Sustainable Agriculture Network, Regional Planning meeting, Mas, Bali, Indonesia, 18-22 Feb., 1991Southeast Asia Sustainable Agriculture NetworkIDRC Only
2001Report of project "Vietnam Economic and Environmental Management (VEEM)"Hai Phong Institute of OceanologyIDRC Only