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1980Rattan : a report of a workshop held in Singapore, 4-6 June 1979IDRCOpen Access
1990Rattan : proceedings of the National Symposium / Workshop on Rattan ... Cebu City, June 1-3, 1988IDRC. Regional Office for Southeast and East Asia; Torreta, N.K.; Belan, E.H.IDRC Only
1989Rattan : the hidden resourceIDRC; McKee, N.; Bailey, C.Open Access
1979Rattan : tremendous scope for use and researchGraham, M.Open Access
1985Rattan furniture manufacturing in Metro Cebu : a case study of an export industryRamon Magsaysay Award Foundation; Aguilar, F.V.; Miralao, V.A.IDRC Only
1991Rattan Information Centre (RIC) : annual report, 1991Forest Research InstituteIDRC Only
1992Rattan Information Centre : Phase III; annual report, 1992Forest Research InstituteIDRC Only
1993Rattan management and utilisation : proceedings of the Rattan (Cane) Seminar India, 29-31 Jan. 1992, TrichurChand Basha, S.; Bhat, K.M.; Jayaraman, K.; Renuka, C.; Seethalakshmi, K.K.IDRC Only
1991Rattan management and utilization in Kerala : final technical reportKerala Forest Research InstituteIDRC Only
1992Rattan on the rise-Open Access
1990Rattan resource assessment in the Gulf Province, Baimuru areaIDRC. Regional Office for Southeast and East Asia; Kabaru, Michael; Niangu, MathiasIDRC Only
1990Rattan resource assessment of Gulf Province, Karama / Murua areaIDRC. Regional Office for Southeast and East Asia; Niangu, MathiasIDRC Only
1996Rattan resources of China and current status of conservationInternational Network for Bamboo and Rattan; Xu Huangcan; Zeng Bengshan; Yin Guangtian; Liu YingIDRC Only
1984Rattan: a bibliographyKong Ong, How Kooi; Manokaran, N.IDRC Only
1993RattansPudoc; Dransfield, J.; Manokaran, N.IDRC Only
1992Rattans (Canes) in India : a monographic revisionForest Research Institute Malaysia; Basu, S.K.IDRC Only
1985Rattans in Heyne's "Nuttige planten van Nederlandsch Indie" (English translation)Forest Research Institute; Heyne, K.IDRC Only
1992Rattans of the Western Ghats : a taxonomical manualKerala Forest Research Institute; Renuka, C.IDRC Only
1978Raw materials and Pacific economic integrationCrawford, J.G.; Okita, S.IDRC Only
2008Raw tobacco price subsidy : implications for farm income and natural productive resourcesKabbani, Nader; Bazzi, Asma; Asrawi, Fadi; Darwish, Mohamad RagyIDRC Only