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1993Rebuilding Chinese harboursNewton, PeterOpen Access
2007Rebuilding common property management : a case study of community-based natural resource management in rural Guizhou, ChinaQiu SunOpen Access
2008Rebuilding prestige in research : organizational case study of Makerere University; capacity development for research - strategic evaluation (executive summary)Lusthaus, Charles; Wenderoth, Anette; Cobb, MirandaOpen Access
1996Rebuilding war-torn societies, Apr. 11, 1996Pestieau, C.; Edwards, L.; IDRC; Canada. Dept. of Foreign Affairs and International Trade; CPACOpen Access
1993Rebuilding wartorn societies : report of the workshops on the challenge of rebuilding wartorn societies and the social consequences of the peace process in Cambodia, Geneva, 27-30 Apr. 1993UNRISDIDRC Only
1980Rebuilding ZimbabweSanger, C.Open Access
2000Recapitulemos : lecciones y avances del Programa PAN @ AMERICASCIID. Oficina Regional para América Latina y el Caribe, Pan Americas Networking; Gómez, R.; Barnola, L.G.Open Access
2009Recasting the Beijing Platform for Action through the information society lens : a conceptual and action frameworkGurumurthy, Anita; Singh, Parminder Jeet; Kovacs, AnjaIDRC Only
1989Recensement des aménagements (bassins et étangs) de pisciculture en Basse CasamanceDiallo, A.IDRC Only
1991Recensement industriel, 1989 - 1990Mali. Direction nationale des industries; Mali. Ministère de l'économie et des financesIDRC Only
2009Recension des écrits scientifiques sur l'abolition des frais aux usagers dans les services de santé en Afrique : document de travailRidde, Valéry; Morestin, FlorenceIDRC Only
1991Recent additions : general / University of the South Pacific, Pacific Information CentreUniversity of the South Pacific. Pacific Information CentreIDRC Only
-Recent additions : Pacific / University of the South Pacific, Pacific Information CentreUniversity of the South PacificIDRC Only
1988Recent advances in dairy development : feeding and nutritionDevendra, C.Open Access
1992Recent advances in goat production : proceedings of and papers presented at V International Conference on Goats held in New Delhi, India, during 2-8 Mar. 1992International Goat Association; Indian Society for Sheep and Goat Production and Utilization; Lokeshwar, R.R.; Acharya, R.M.IDRC Only
1994Recent Advances in Livestock Production Technologies : proceedings of a national workshop, May 21-22, 1993India. Ministry of Agriculture; Indian Council of Agricultural Research; IDRC; Mangurkar, B.R.; Joshi, A.L.Open Access
1976Recent advances in research on cassava viruses in East AfricaBock, K.R.; Guthrie, E.J.Open Access
1984Recent advances in solar energy utilization in ChinaEnergy Research Group; Gong Bao; Lu Weide; Tian XiaopingIDRC Only
1980Recent changes in Bedouin systems of livestock production in the Syrian steppeBahhady, F.A.Open Access
1979Recent contributions to the reswitching debate in capital theoryOhiorhenuan, L.A.IDRC Only