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1995Relations between agroecological biodiversity and conditions for alternative enterprise in the urban periphery (the position of rootcrops as an index to change) : research report on Sablan, Benguet with comparison to previous findings in Barlig, Mt. ProvincePeople's Upland Development Network and Outreach Inc.; De Raedt, C.H.M.; Gimenez, T.; Dengay, M.B.; Vallejo, F.P.Open Access
1998Relations between dairy cow comfort, stress and productivityRushen, J.; de Passillé, A.M.IDRC Only
1982Relations entre l'attitude et la motivation de l'élève fon de Cotonou et son état de bilingualité : problématique de rechercheDa Silveira-Gbodossou, YvonneIDRC Only
2001Relations entre les activités productives et la santé des population riveraines autour du barrage de Itenga : mémoire de fin d’étudesDjeufo, Cathy LadyIDRC Only
1987Relations état coopératives : actes du colloque international, tenu à Sherbrooke du 31 mai au 4 juin 1987Denault, Bernard; Institut de recherche et d'enseignement pour les coopératives de l'Université de SherbrookeIDRC Only
1986Relations universitaires du Canada avec la République populaire de Chine depuis 1970 : conclusions et recommandationsSinger, M.Open Access
1986Relations universitaires du Canada avec la République populaire de Chine depuis 1970 : échanges des universités canadiennes avec la ChineSinger, M.Open Access
1984Relationship between alcohol consumption and hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection as risk factors in liver cirrhosisKan, XueguiIDRC Only
1988Relationship between calcium intake and pregnancy induced hypertension : up to date evidenceBelizán, J.M.; Villar, J.; Repke, J.IDRC Only
1996Relationship between domestication and genetic diversity of Oreochromis species in Malawi : Oreochromis shiranus shiranus (Boulenger) and Oreochromis shiranus chilwae (Trewavas)Ambali, A.J.D.IDRC Only
1985Relationship between fertility behaviour and size structure and functions of the familyKhan, F.R.; Bhuiyan, A.Q.; Rahman, M.F.IDRC Only
1988Relationship between household size, dependency ratio, landholding and child nutritional status in Bugwere, UgandaMweru Kwered, EricIDRC Only
1982Relationship between interest rates and saving in a growing economy : Peru 1960-1979Thorne, A.E.IDRC Only
1982Relationship between preprimary and grade one primary education in state schools in ChileFilp, Johanna; Donoso, Sebastin; Cardemil, Cecilia; Dieguez, Eleonor; Torres, Jaime; Schiefelbein, ErnestoOpen Access
1982Relationship between preschool education and first grade in ArgentinaPozner, P.Open Access
1977Relationship between several socio-psychological variables and the decision to follow the family planning programSoutheast Asia Population Research Awards Program; Setiadi, B.N.IDRC Only
1992Relationship between the formal and informal sectors of the financial market in GhanaAryeetey, E.Open Access
1980Relationship between Xanthomonas Manihotis (Arthaud Berthet and Bondar) Starr and Xanthomonas Cassavae (Wiehe and Dowson), and some epidemiological studies on cassava bacterial blightElango, F.N.IDRC Only
1974Relationship of agronomic and quality characteristics to yield of triticaleGebre-Mariam, H.IDRC Only
1996Relationship of education to economic growth : a cross - country analysisEconomic Research Forum; Sadeghi, Javad M.Open Access