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1986Realized response of Thai red tilapia to weight-specific selection for growthJarimopas, ParnsriIDRC Only
2003Realizing our dreams : participatory project evaluation in Guizhou-Open Access
2008Realizing their needs : women’s access to public services in sector decentralizationMacLean, MelissaOpen Access
Dec-2012Realties of women facing multiple exclusion in accessing land and land-based resources in pastoralist and forest dwelling communities in UgandaSebina-Zziwa, Abby; Kuteesa, Annette; Okumu, Joseph; Kanoti, ThomasIDRC Only
1994Reanudación de las corrientes privadas de capital hacia América Latina : el papel de los inversionistas norteamericanosCEPAL; Culpeper, R.IDRC Only
1996Reanudación del crecimiento y sostenibilidad : la economía Argentina en la década de los años noventaFanelli, J.M.; Frenkel, R.IDRC Only
1985Reappraisal of development at the micro-levelDowning, Theodore E.IDRC Only
1992Reappraisal of WRI's estimates of greenhouse gas emissionsPachauri, R.K.; Gupta, S.; Keswani, M.Open Access
1984Rearing of marine fish larvae in JapanKuronuma, Katsuzo; Fukusho, KunihikoOpen Access
2012Reason that I did not go - determinants of use of antenatal care services in South Africa two decades after the end of ApartheidFried, J; Sunderji, A; Birch, S; Eyles, J-
1991Reasons and measures for out of control of China's population [Chinese language]Beijing Institute of Information and Control; Chinese University of Hong Kong; Ma Bin; Kong Deyong; Yu JingyuanIDRC Only
2006Reasons for growing tobacco in Daulatpur, BangladeshBuckles, Daniel J.Open Access
2006Reasons for neglect of residential land issues in Navliwadi, Maharastra, IndiaBuckles, Daniel J.; Khedkar, R.; Patil, D.; Ghevde, B.Open Access
1982Reasons for success / failure in development / utilization of Caribbean technological capability : case studies of agro-industryPantin, D.A.IDRC Only
1983Reasons for success / failure in the development / utilization of a Caribbean technological capability : an exploratory case study analysis of the fruit and vegetable processing sectorCaribbean Technology Policy Studies Project; Pantin, Dennis A.IDRC Only
2012Reassessing catastrophic health-care payments with a Nigerian case studyAtaguba, John Ele-OjoIDRC Only
1972Reassessing north-south economic relations; a tripartite report by thirteen experts from the European Community, Japan and North America.Brookings Institution; European Community Institute for University Studies; Japan Economic Research Center; Plumptre, A.F.W.IDRC Only
1991Rebalancing the public and private sectors : developing country experienceOECD Development Centre; Bouin, O.; Michalet, C.A.IDRC Only
1989Rebalancing the public and private sectors : the case of MalaysiaOECD Development Centre; Leeds, R.S.IDRC Only
1990Rebalancing the public and private sectors in developing countries : the case of GhanaOECD Development Centre; Akuoko-Frimpong, H.IDRC Only