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2004Reactions by RUAF on the draft position paper of UN - Habitat viewpoint on urban agricultureResource Centre on Urban Agriculture and Forestry; de Zeeuw, H.IDRC Only
1986Reactions on Commission's mandate and recommendations for actionCaccia, CharlesIDRC Only
1986Reactions to Commission's mandate and recommendations for actionsde Fayer, Tom L.IDRC Only
1985Reactivación interna ante una severa restricción externa : análisis de distintas alternativasSolimano, A.; Meller, P.IDRC Only
1987Reactivación y restricción externa : el rol de la política fiscalMarfán, M.IDRC Only
1997Reactivation of mining in the South and behaviour of Canadian companies in Peru : a community consultation; reportCanadian Council for International Cooperation; Consejo Canadiense para la Cooperación International; De Echave C., J.IDRC Only
1987Read these instructions carefully : examination reform and improving health education in KenyaEisemon, T.O.; Patel, V.L.; Abagi, J.IDRC Only
2005Reading across the lines : alliances and philosophies in a conservation - development project; final fieldwork report (2004 - 2005)Cohen, S.IDRC Only
1988Reading between the lines : satellite images help Nigeria plan cropsWestrup, H.Open Access
2009Ready to change gears? an analysis of how issues of concern influences lecturers rate of adoption of e-learningGakuu, Christopher; Libotton, Arnol; Omwenga, ElijahIDRC Only
1999Reaffirming the right to food in Canada : the role of community - based food securityRiches, G.Open Access
1970Real aid.Strong, M.F.IDRC Only
Jan-1998Real cost of conserving energyFecher, RandallIDRC Only
1977Real cost of the arms raceHibler, M.Open Access
1992Real exchange rate and Ghana's agricultural exportsFosu, K.Y.Open Access
1998Real exchange rate movements and export growth : Nigeria, 1960 - 1990Ogun, O.Open Access
1999Real exchange rate price and agricultural supply response in Ethiopia : the case of perennial cropsKidane, A.Open Access
1990Real interest rates and the mobilization of private savings in Africa : a case study of KenyaMwega, F.M.; Ngola, S.M.; Mwangi, N.Open Access
1977Real meaning of high temperature low humidity to grain storage in the Sahelian zoneYaciuk, G.Open Access
1984Real rural energy crisis : women's timeEnergy Research Group; Tinkler, I.IDRC Only