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1992Regulating transnational corporations : the biggest gap in UNCED's agendaThird World Network; Khor Kok Peng, M.IDRC Only
1986Regulation and co-operation : environmental pollution in the 80'sSociety to Overcome PollutionIDRC Only
1974Regulation and control of technology imports in Argentina : a preliminary assessmentColman Sercovich, FranciscoIDRC Only
2010Regulation environment in AfricaBayingana, MosesIDRC Only
2000Regulation of fortified foods to address micronutrient malnutrition : legislation, regulations, and enforcementMicronutrient Initiative; Nathan, R.Open Access
1983Regulation of technology importation in developing countries : some implications of recent theoretical and empirical evidenceContractor, F.J.IDRC Only
1982Regulation of technology importsIDRC. Social Sciences DivisionIDRC Only
1976Regulation of technology imports in developing countries : the experience of the STPI networkSagasti, Francisco R.IDRC Only
1995Regulation of telecom in developing countries : outcomes, incentives and commitmentEconomic Research Forum; Galal, Ahmed; Nauriyal, BharatOpen Access
2007Regulation of undersea cables and landing stationsEsselaar, Stephen; Gillwald, Alison; Sutherland, EwanIDRC Only
2011Regulation through the back door : understanding the implications of institutional transplantDubash, Navroz K.IDRC Only
2010Regulations and RENsMukelabai, GarryIDRC Only
2011Regulatory framework for renewable energy in IndiaAlam, JafarIDRC Only
2010Regulatory intervention or disruptive competition? : lessons from East Africa on the end of international mobile roaming chargesGillwald, Alison; Mureithi, MuriukiOpen Access
2011Regulatory state under stress : economic shocks and regulatory bargaining in the Argentine electricity and water sectorsPost, Alison E.; Murillo, María VictoriaIDRC Only
2011Regulatory states in the global South : crisis and lament in the Indonesian power sectorJarvis, Darryl S.L.IDRC Only
2009Regulatory strategic plan : Ecuador-IDRC Only
2006Rehabilitating Kenya's judicial systemRobitaille, NadineOpen Access
2001Rehabilitating the Baringo drylands of KenyaCrawley, M.Open Access
1999Rehabilitating the Dnipro RiverEl Raifi, R.Open Access