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1996Rehabilitation of degraded lands in mountain ecosystems in Hindu Kush-Himalayan region Baoshan site, Yunnan, P.R. of China (June 5, 1992 -December 31, 1995)The Chinese Academy of Sciences. Kunming Institute of Botany; The Chinese Academy of Sciences. Chengdu Institute of Biology; The Chinese Academy of Sciences. Kunming Institute of Ecology; P. R. of China. Baoshan Government of Yunnan ProvinceIDRC Only
1995Rehabilitation of Degraded Lands in Mountain Ecosystems of the Hindu Kush-Himalayan Region : proceedings of an international workshop held in Baoshan, China, December 19-22, 1994Karki, Sameer; International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD); Shengji, PeiIDRC Only
Oct-1995Rehabilitation of Degraded Lands in Mountain Ecosystems Project : Nepal Site II, Kavrepalanchok; final report, Phase I (April 1993 - October 1995)Chalise, S.R.; Karki, S.; Shrestha, B.G.IDRC Only
1995Rehabilitation of degraded mountain ecosystem of Pakistan Himalayas : final progress reportPakistan Forest InstituteIDRC Only
1985Rehabilitation of the coffee industry in Tanzania, phase I : a reportMsambichaka, L.A.; Hyuha, T.S.; Naho, A.M.IDRC Only
1985Rehabilitation of urban watershedsBandyopadhyay, J.IDRC Only
1995Rehabilitations in the manufacturing sector in Tanzania : approaches and technological implicationsAfrican Technology Policy Studies Network; Wangwe, S.M.IDRC Only
1992Rehabilitations in the manufacturing sector in Tanzania : approaches, characteristics and technological implicationsEastern Africa Technology Policy Studies Network; Wangwe, S.M.IDRC Only
1985Rehabilition of Balanites aegyptiaca, Acacia tortillis and Commiphora africana in the grazing land : preliminary resultsInternational Council for Research in Agroforestry, Dryland Agroforestry Research Project; Sang, F.K.A.; Hoekstra, D.A.; Mwendandu, R.IDRC Only
1988Reina de su establo : mejor forraje, techo y cuidado para engordar el ganado de BurundiMarchand, D.Open Access
1985Reinas africanasFisher, A.Open Access
1993Reincorporation of the homelands and regional restructuring within South Africa : economic and related implicationsDaphne, P.IDRC Only
1992Reindeer management in Canada's Belcher Islands : documenting and using traditional environmental knowledgeMcDonald Fleming, M.Open Access
2007Reinforcing the impact of Community-Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) through adaptive learning : participatory development approaches in CBNRMCadiz, Maria Celeste H.; Dagli, Winifredo B.IDRC Only
2001Reinterpreting the historical record : the uses of Palestinian refugee archives for social science research and policy analysisTamari, S.; Zureik, E.IDRC Only
1988Reintroducing traditional weaning foods : social marketing considerationsHendrata, L.Open Access
2005Reinventing accountability : making democracy work for human developmentGoetz, Anne Marie; Jenkins, Rob; Shaw, Timothy M.IDRC Only
2007Reinventing development research : a discussion with Lawrence Haddad, Director of the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), University of Sussex, May 9, 2007, IDRC Boardroom; introductory remarksO'Neil, MaureenOpen Access
1998Reinventing home economics in Canada and AfricaPepall, JenniferOpen Access
1985Reivindicaci├│n del techoCentro de Informaciones y Estudios del Uruguay; Niedworok, N.IDRC Only