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2005Remarks at the cocktail, following the WDR to Launch the African e-index and Acacia Atlas, Nov. 16, 2005, Room Sidi Bou Said, Corinthia Khamsa HotelO'Neil, MaureenOpen Access
2004Remarks at the event "A Recognition of Ivan Head's Life and Legacy" ... , University of British Columbia, Dec. 13, 2004O'Neil, MaureenOpen Access
2006Remarks at the External Financing for Health in Developing Countries : Equity and Efficiency Challenges, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Apr. 21, 2006O'Neil, MaureenOpen Access
2003Remarks at the ICTs for Poverty Reduction Workshop, Harvard University, Boston, Sept. 19-20, 2003O'Neil, MaureenOpen Access
2003Remarks at the Ivan Head Festschrift, IDRC, Sept. 12, 2003O'Neil, MaureenOpen Access
2006Remarks at the launch of Dr. Peter Oberlander's report at the World Urban Forum, III, June 20, 2006, UN Plaza, Exposition Hall, VancouverO'Neil, MaureenOpen Access
2007Remarks at the panel on competition policy at the service of development : the International Economic Forum of the Americas (conférence de Montréal), Hilton Montréal Bonaventure, Montréal, Canada, June 20, 2007O'Neil, MaureenOpen Access
2004Remarks at the public presentation by Bjørn Lomborg, IDRC, Ottawa, Oct. 7, 2004O'Neil, MaureenOpen Access
2005Remarks at the Launch, IDRC Pavilion at WSIS, Nov. 17, 2005O'Neil, MaureenOpen Access
2003Remarks at the welcoming reception for the Stocktaking Conference on Palestinian Refugee Research, IDRC, Ottawa, June 17, 2003O'Neil, MaureenOpen Access
2005Remarks at the WHO - Canada Dialogue on Global Health Research, Victoria Room, Delta Hotel, Nov. 3, 2005O'Neil, MaureenOpen Access
2007Remarks at the working lunch with IDRC partners at the official residence of Canadian Consul General Jean-Marc Duval, São Paulo, Brazil, Mar. 8, 2007O'Neil, MaureenIDRC Only
2009Remarks by Helen Clark, UNDP Administrator on the occasion of a Public Dialogue hosted by the United Nations Association of Canada “The Global Recession and the Implications for Achieving the MDGs”, Tuesday, 15 September 2009, OttawaClark, HelenIDRC Only
2000Remarks by IDRC President Maureen O'Neil at the reception marking the signing of a contract between IDRC and the United Nations Office for Special Projects (UNOPS), 16 Feb. 2000, New YorkO'Neil, MaureenOpen Access
2006Remarks on Canada's engagement with the developing world : priorities for the next ten years at the CIIA Foreign Policy Conference, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Vancouver, BC, Mar. 10, 2006O'Neil, MaureenOpen Access
2004Remarks on the occasion of the visit to IDRC of President Vicente Fox, IDRC, Ottawa, Oct. 26, 2004O'Neil, MaureenOpen Access
1998Remarks to delegates at the Mexico City International Meeting on Social Participation in the Management of Urban Environments ... Nov. 18, 1998O'Neil, MaureenOpen Access
1985Remarks to report from the Commission on mandate, key issues, strategy and work planKveseth, KariIDRC Only
1997Remarks to the LEAD visitors, May 26, 1997O'Neil, MaureenOpen Access
1971Remarks to the Society for International Development.Pearson, L.B.IDRC Only