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2010Regulation environment in AfricaBayingana, MosesIDRC Only
2000Regulation of fortified foods to address micronutrient malnutrition : legislation, regulations, and enforcementMicronutrient Initiative; Nathan, R.Open Access
1983Regulation of technology importation in developing countries : some implications of recent theoretical and empirical evidenceContractor, F.J.IDRC Only
1982Regulation of technology importsIDRC. Social Sciences DivisionIDRC Only
1976Regulation of technology imports in developing countries : the experience of the STPI networkSagasti, Francisco R.IDRC Only
1995Regulation of telecom in developing countries : outcomes, incentives and commitmentEconomic Research Forum; Galal, Ahmed; Nauriyal, BharatOpen Access
2007Regulation of undersea cables and landing stationsEsselaar, Stephen; Gillwald, Alison; Sutherland, EwanIDRC Only
2011Regulation through the back door : understanding the implications of institutional transplantDubash, Navroz K.IDRC Only
2010Regulations and RENsMukelabai, GarryIDRC Only
2011Regulatory framework for renewable energy in IndiaAlam, JafarIDRC Only
2010Regulatory intervention or disruptive competition? : lessons from East Africa on the end of international mobile roaming chargesGillwald, Alison; Mureithi, MuriukiOpen Access
2011Regulatory state under stress : economic shocks and regulatory bargaining in the Argentine electricity and water sectorsPost, Alison E.; Murillo, María VictoriaIDRC Only
2011Regulatory states in the global South : crisis and lament in the Indonesian power sectorJarvis, Darryl S.L.IDRC Only
2009Regulatory strategic plan : Ecuador-IDRC Only
2006Rehabilitating Kenya's judicial systemRobitaille, NadineOpen Access
2001Rehabilitating the Baringo drylands of KenyaCrawley, M.Open Access
1999Rehabilitating the Dnipro RiverEl Raifi, R.Open Access
1992Rehabilitation and management of sea urchin populations in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean : interim technical report (Apr. 1, 1989 - Dec. 31, 1991)Bellairs Research Institute of McGill UniversityIDRC Only
30-Sep-2003Rehabilitation of cassava for sustainable food security : final technical reportNamulonge Agricultural and Animal Production Research InstituteIDRC Only
2003Rehabilitation of degraded forests to improve livelihoods of poor farmers in South ChinaCenter for International Forestry Research; Chinese Academy of Forestry; Central-South Forestry University; Southwest Forestry University; Zhejiang Forestry College; Lin'an Country Forestry Bureau; Liu, Dachang; Zhu, Zhaohua; Cai, Mantang; Turnbull, J.IDRC Only