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1982Report / Visit to Project ImpactThailand. Ministry of EducationIDRC Only
1983Report / Workshop on Home and Village Prepared Supplementary Food Practices in AsiaMahidol University; Aree Valyasevi; Somjai Sirivech Wichaidit; Stuckey, A.IDRC Only
1992Report 1989-1991 : Aquaculture; a development option in Latin AmericaRegional Network of Aquaculture Centres of Latin AmericaIDRC Only
2004Report : 3rd Plenary Assembly; National Congress of Chile, Valparaiso, Chile, April lst- 3rd, 2004Inter-Parliamentary Forum of the AmericasIDRC Only
1994Report : AFROFOODS organisational meeting, 19-23 Sept. 1994, Accra, GhanaUniversity of Ghana; FAO; United Nations UniversityIDRC Only
1994Report : Coastal Zone Canada '94, July 1, 1994 - Nov. 31, 1994Dalhousie University; Newkirk, GaryIDRC Only
1991Report : course on health systems research training of trainers, Kuala Lumpur, 3-13 Dec. 1990Bersama, AnjuranIDRC Only
1987Report : economic research conference and international consortium for economic research in Sub-Saharan Africa, Nairobi, Dec. 7-11, 1987-IDRC Only
2009Report : evaluation of Bebnine project "Understanding Water, Understanding Health: The case of Bebnine"Haddad Ibrah, RanaOpen Access
2007Report : focal visiting researcher; indigenous governance in the AmericasMindiola, OmairaIDRC Only
2009Report : indigenous biological conservation of medicinal plant resources the Itzamma garden; status and challengesAudet, PatrickIDRC Only
1983Report : International Symposium on the Practical Aspects of Fumigation in Grain StorageSanti GrachangnetaraIDRC Only
1999Report : IOCD 2nd International Symposium "Chemistry, Biological and Pharmacological Properties of African Medicinal Plants", 28 Feb. - 3 Mar. 1999, Addis Ababa, EthiopiaIOCD Working Group on Plant ChemistryIDRC Only
1986Report : issues on renewable resource management in South SulawesiKristanto, K.IDRC Only
1996Report : post literay for life quality improvement, Vientiane, Aug. 15, 1996Lao People's Democratic Republic. Ministry of Education and SportsIDRC Only
1990Report : regional workshop on health and technical aspects of nightsoil and wastewater use; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 24-28 September 1990WHO Western Pacific Regional Centre for the Promotion of Environmental Planning and Applied Studies (PEPAS)IDRC Only
1984Report : research requirements and needs of the Eastern Caribbean states in marine resource developmentGilmore, W.C.IDRC Only
2009Report : using competition law to regulate anticompetitive practices in the pharmaceutical distribution system in VietnamAnh, Pham Thi Que; Lan, Tran Phuong; Linh, Truong Thuy; Nhung, Tran Phuong; Vietnam. Ministry of Industry and Trade, Competition Administration DepartmentIDRC Only
2005Report : video training and documentation supported by ENRAP-IDRC Only
1997Report : Workshop on Issues in Water / Land Management in the Northwest Coast of Egypt, Apr. 22-24, 1997Alexandria University; Abdel-Kader, F.; FitzSimons, J.; Schreier, H.IDRC Only