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Oct-1991Population déplacée au Liban : 1975-1987; synthèse des rapports de recherche ...Kasparian, Robert; Beaudoin, AndréOpen Access
1995Population déplacée par la guerre au LibanKasparian, R.; Beaudoin, A.; Abou, S.IDRC Only
1977Population dynamics of the green cassava mite and its predator OligotaNyiira, Z.M.Open Access
1994Population dynamics, environment and conflictOA Permission License; Economic Research Forum; Sirageldin, IsmailOpen Access
1983Population education in Kenya : a preliminary studyGatara, Timothy H.; Musyoki, Rachel N.IDRC Only
1990Population Education Project (First Phase) / final progress report-IDRC Only
1989Population et développement en Afrique : quel avenir?Sala-Diakanda, M.IDRC Only
1973Population et dynamique de développementUniversité d'Ottawa, Institut de coopération international; Pradervand, P.IDRC Only
1991Population et logement urbain au VietnamPham Van TrinhIDRC Only
1975Population et santé : directions et programmes du CRDICRDIOpen Access
2003Population et santé dans les pays en développement : volume 1; population, santé et survie dans les sites du réseau INDEPTHRéseau INDEPTHOpen Access
1987Population fluctuation of major stem-borers of sorghum with special reference to Chilo partellus (Swinhoe)Hussein Duale, Ali-NurIDRC Only
1972Population growth, population and food policies in Latin AmericaMertens, W.IDRC Only
1981Population information activities of United Nations regional commissions and agencies and other organizations : development assistance to population information activities - the support of the International Development Research CentreDelaney, F.M.Open Access
1982Population information and documentation activities of the Regional Institute for Population Studies (RIPS)Population Information and Documentation System for Africa; Amonoo, P.G.IDRC Only
1981Population Information and Documentation System for Africa (PIDSA) : a brief commentaryRegional Institute for Population Studies; Amonoo, P.G.IDRC Only
1979Population Information and Documentation System for Africa (PIDSA) : a report on the activities and problems of the project during the last fifteen months and its future developmentRegional Institute for Population Studies; Amonoo, P.G.IDRC Only
1983Population information development : 1974-1984POPINIDRC Only
1979Population message from the villageHibler, M.Open Access
1970Population migration and its implications for urban regional developmentLaquian, A.A.IDRC Only