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Apr-2010Preparatory meetings - Center of Excellence on e‐Government : technical reportGeneral Secretariat of the Organization of American StatesIDRC Only
2008Preparatory workshop for developing curriculum for field epidemiology training in AfghanistanNiazi, Wassay; Rubinstein, Ethan; Chase, RobIDRC Only
2006Prepare your own traditional foods : a recipe book of common traditional foods of Kenyan communitiesAdeka, Ruth; Kimiywe, JudithIDRC Only
2009Preparedness plan : wild and migratory birds avian influenza; surveillance and monitoring activities in CambodiaMinistry of Agriculture Forestry and FisheriesIDRC Only
-Preparing African higher educations institutions for IPv6 networkingDandjinou, PierreIDRC Only
1991Preparing English abstracts of Chinese documents : an important step toward international sharing of Chinese information resourcesLi KaiyangOpen Access
2004Preparing program objectivesIDRC. Evaluation UnitOpen Access
2003Preparing program objectives : theory and practiceIverson, A.Open Access
2003Preparing South Africa for information society ‘e-services’ : the significance of the VANS sectorMelody, William H.; Currie, Willie; Kane, SeanOpen Access
1999Preparing the organization for marketing of information products and servicesBeaulieu, D.Open Access
1987Preparing to work in a multicultural societyMacDonald, J.IDRC Only
1991Prerequisites to the development of feeding systems for small farms in AsiaDevendra, C.IDRC Only
1990Prerequisites to the development of feeding systems for small farms in AsiaDevendra, C.Open Access
1990Preschool education in the West Bank : a qualitative surveyIDRC; Arafat, C.Open Access
1982Preschool services in ThailandNittaya PassornsiriOpen Access
1983Prescription for healthIDRC; McKee, N.; Tennant, J.Open Access
1968Presence - absence (P-A) test providing sensitive and inexpensive detection of coliforms, fecal coliforms, and fecal streptococci in municipal drinking water suppliesClark, J.A.IDRC Only
1996Presence / Absence program : evaluation reportIDRCOpen Access
1990Presence of bacterial virus in groundwater and treated drinking waterDutka, B.J.; Palmateer, G.A.; Meissner, S.M.; Janzen, E.M.; Sakellaris, M.IDRC Only
1994Presencia cultural expresión : CCE "Benjamin Carrión," Extensión Mejía, no. 1CCE "Benjamin Carrión". Extensión del Cantón Mejía; Centro para el Desarrollo SocialIDRC Only