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1979Predictive validity of the government common entrance examination into secondary schools in CameroonAmin, M.E.IDRC Only
1984Preface / World leadership and international development : a report on the UNITAR / CEESTEM International Survey of Decision Makers and ExpertsHead, I.L.IDRC Only
2012Preface : challenges and opportunities for enhancing food security in KenyaHickey, Gordon M; Pelletier, Bernard; Brownhill, Leigh; Kamau, Geoffrey M; Maina, Immaculate NIDRC Only
2009Preface: integrated assessment of health and sustainability of agroecosystemsCharron, Dominique F.IDRC Only
2006Preferencias y potencial de mercado variedades locales AmazonicosCollado, Luis; Arroyo, Maria; Pinedo Ramírez, RogerIDRC Only
Feb-2006Preferential trade agreements : are rules of origin a protective device? : summaryHonorio Kume; Guida Piani; Pedro MirandaIDRC Only
2008Preferential trading agreements in Asia : towards an Asian economic community; final technical reportKumar, Rajiv; Batra, Amita; Rajan, Ramkishen S.; Mehdi, AliIDRC Only
2010Preguntas frecuentes : Mapeo de AlcancesCIID. Unidad de Evaluación; Ambrose, Kaia; Earl, Sarah; Ongevalle, Jan Van; Nyangaga, JuliusOpen Access
1982Preliminary [priliminary] report / Ayutthaya ProjectSocial Research InstituteIDRC Only
1987Preliminary Aedes aegypti larval survey in the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur CityLee, H.I.; Cheong, W.H.IDRC Only
1993Preliminary agenda / Joint IDRC / Earth Council Workshop : Research Priorities in Technology and Environment Building on Agenda 21, 6-7 Oct. 1993IDRCOpen Access
1991Preliminary analysis of independent Canadian firms : summary of resultsdel Castillo, Gustavo V.; Cánovas, Gustavo VegaIDRC Only
2005Preliminary analysis of qualitative data, October 2004 to May 2005 in Dakar, SenegalChaudhuri, NitaIDRC Only
1989Preliminary analysis of the measurements with a dual polarization radar at C-BandBaoxiang Xu; Zhijun Wang; Qiming Cai; Liping Liu; Rongzhong ChuIDRC Only
2000Preliminary assessment of current South African research being undertaken on connections between gender - based violence, peace - building and development initiatives in South AfricaBennett, J.IDRC Only
1998Preliminary assessment of the coastal development planning in the municipal waters of Bolinao, PangasinanSalmo, Severino G.; Yambao, Alexis C.; McManus, Liana T.IDRC Only
1992Preliminary assessment of the IDRC Project Bamboo Mat Board (India)Mathur, V.N.P.Open Access
1981Preliminary attempt to evaluate the agricultural research system in BrazilSanches da Fonseca, M.A.; Mendonça de Barros, J.R.Open Access
1976Preliminary bibliography on groundwater in developing countries, 1970 to 1976Association of Geoscientists for International Development; Stow, D.A.V.; Skidmore, J.; Berger, A.R.IDRC Only
1972Preliminary bibliography on lower and middle-level health manpowerIDRC; Akhtar, S.Open Access