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1973Poor friends at the Commonwealth conference.IDRC; Sanger, C.IDRC Only
2007Poor know bestIDRC; O'Neil, MaureenIDRC Only
7-Jan-2015Poor thiamin and riboflavin status is common among women of childbearing age in rural and urban CambodiaWhitfield, Kyly C.; Karakochuk, Crystal D.; Liu, Yazheng; McCann, Adrian; Talukder, AminuzzamanIDRC Only
-Poorer nations 'may turn to violence'.Sanger, C.IDRC Only
2007Poorest and hungry : looking below the lineAhmed, Akhter U.; Vargas Hill, Ruth; Wiesmann, Doris M.Open Access
1986Poorest of the poor : a comparative study of rural poverty in two villages of NepalNepal. Ministry of Agriculture; Winrock International Institute for Agricultural Development; Suvedi, M.P.IDRC Only
1979POPIN : an international information network for the population fieldUN. Population DivisionIDRC Only
1979POPIN : an international information network for the population fieldTabah, L.Open Access
1978POPINS: multilingual thesaurus for Latin America : an analysis of the draft prepared in Mar. 1978Centro Latinoamericano de Demografía; Acuña, S.; Conning, A.M.; Johnson de Vodanovic, B.IDRC Only
2004Populações tradicionais haliêuticas : impactos antrópicos, uso e gestão da biodiversidade em comunidades ribeirinhas e costeiras da Amazônia Brasileira; projeto RENAS, Belém, 14 a 18 de junho de 2004Sposito de Oliveira, Paulo RobertoIDRC Only
1995Popular attitudes towards free markets in Iran, the Former Soviet Union and the United States (a survey analysis)Economic Research Forum; Habibi, NaderOpen Access
1989Popular concepts of disease and management of Diarrhoea : an application of the RAP methodology in Porto Alegre, BrazilLombardi, C.IDRC Only
1991Popular democracy and participation in the organization and struggle for housing in Costa RicaCentro de Estudios para la Acción Social; Lara, S.IDRC Only
1985Popular educationOntario Institute for Studies in Education; Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo de la EducaciónIDRC Only
1988Popular education : a summary and evaluationOntario Institute for Studies in Education; Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo de la Educación; Sullivan, E.V.; Arnold, R.; Burke, B.; Zuniga, R.; Walker, H.IDRC Only
1987Popular education and grassroots Adivasi movements in Bihar and Karnataka : a travel report (May - Aug. 1987)Parajuli, P.IDRC Only
2003Popular education and participation in social movements concerned with globalization, the environment and local resource management : the case of family producers in Uruguay; final report for doctoral field researchOliver, B.IDRC Only
Aug-1995Popular guide to environment reconstruction and developmentSchreiner, BarbaraOpen Access
1991Popular participation and development in Cuban local governmentsDilla Alfonso, Haroldo; González, GerardoIDRC Only
1992Popularizando la ciencia en NepalKhanal, P.Open Access