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2010ATSA synthesis : South Africa chapterSaloojee, Yussuf; Ucko, Peter; Drope, JeffreyOpen Access
2010ATSA synthesis : Tanzania chapterTanzania Public Health AssociationOpen Access
2010ATSA synthesis : Zambia chapterGoma, Fastone; Ililonga, Muyunda; Drope, JeffreyOpen Access
2004Attachment special case study institutional change and innovation in (Bio) pharmaceuticals : the case of NVRIAbiola, Boladale OluyomiIDRC Only
1972Attacking pollution on a global scaleSpurgeon, D.IDRC Only
2006Atteindre les objectifs du millénaire pour le développement : un quartier à la foisCRDI; Chandra, MarciaOpen Access
1976Attempted control of virus incidence in cowpeas by the use of barrier cropsShoyinka, S.AOpen Access
1980Attempted isolation of Cytocoetes from wild ruminants in areas where bovine petechial fever is endemicDavies, F.G.Open Access
1987Attention : pentes cultivéesMarchand, D.Open Access
1999Atténuer la pauvreté et l'iniquité en Amérique latineEakin, K.Open Access
2005Attitude change for effective natural resource management research and development : who should change?Shemdoe, R.S.; Lyamchai, C.; Sellungato, M.; Mowo, J.G.Open Access
1983Attitude saine : la réhydratation orale en EgypteShirkie, R.Open Access
1974Attitudes and behaviour with respect to sexual promiscuity and fertility : the case of the Barbadian maleGeorge, P.M.; Ebanks, G.E.; Nobbe, C.IDRC Only
1986Attitudes and motivation towards the learning of French in Kenya secondary schools : an analysis of changeKenyatta University College; Obura, A.P.IDRC Only
1978Attitudes and perceptions of information specialists and users towards various aspects of the Agricultural Information Bank for Asia : a surveyDayao, B.M.IDRC Only
1984Attitudes linguistiques en milieu scolaire au CamerounUniversité Laval; Dalle, E.L.IDRC Only
1976Attitudes of local leaders and family planning in peninsular MalaysiaSoutheast Asia Population Research Awards Program; Onn, F.C.IDRC Only
1982Attitudes of people in Bangkok towards abortionSoutheast Asia Population Research Awards Program; Suda BhiromkaewOpen Access
1983Attitudes of primary school children in Ghana : family and school determinants of children's attitudesIDRC; Ntumi, R.A.Open Access
1981Attitudes of religious (Santri) youth in Madura towards family planningSoutheast Asia Population Research Awards Program; Wiyata, A.L.Open Access