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1992Praxis : towards the practical application of research, volume 1, number 3, spring 1992IDRCOpen Access
1991Praxis : vers la mise en application de recherche, vol. 1, no. 1, juillet/août 1991CRDIOpen Access
1991Praxis : vers la mise en application de recherche, vol. 1, no. 2, septembre/octobre 1991CRDIOpen Access
1992Praxis : vers la mise en application de recherches, volume 1, numéro 3, printemps 1992CRDIOpen Access
1983Práctica de metodología y organización educativaCentro de Investigación, Educación y DesarrolloIDRC Only
1988Práctica docente : una interpretación desde los saberes del maestroUniversidad Nacional de Rosario; Achilli, E.L.IDRC Only
2007Prácticas del manejo de semillas para la conservación de la biodiversidad agrícola tradicional : material de capitación para agricultores del sistema informal de semillasInstituto de Investigaciones Fundamentales en Agricultura Tropical (INIFAT)IDRC Only
-PRCRTC annual report / Philippine Root Crop Research and Training CenterPhilippine Root Crop Research and Training CenterIDRC Only
1989PRCRTC annual report 1988Philippine Root Crop Research and Training Center; Campilan, D.M.IDRC Only
1989PRCRTC pedal operated root crop chipper / graterPhilippine Root Crop Research and Training Center; Tan, D.L.S.IDRC Only
1989Pre-eclampsia, eclampsia and maternal mortality in Jamaica : report for the World Health OrganizationThomas, P.; Ashley, D.; Bernard, G.W.IDRC Only
1979Pre-feasibility study of the biogas technology application in rural areas of Thailand : final reportApplied Scientific Research Corporation of Thailand, Environment and Development Research Dept.; Sermpol RatasukIDRC Only
1988Pre-grant report / Community Participation in Water Management in the Rural Areas of Sierra LeoneBah, O.M.IDRC Only
2008Pre-intervention environmental study results - IDRC ProjectDevelopment AlternativesIDRC Only
1993Pre-proceedings / First International Working Conference on Health Informatics in Africa ... Nigeria, 19-23 Apr., 1993International Medical Informatics Association; Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital Complex; Kuopion yliopisto; Mandil, S.; Korpela, M.; Forster, D.; Byass, P.; Chaves, E.IDRC Only
1988Pre-project activities for the establishment of National Water Supply and Sanitation Information Center in ThailandThailand. Provincial Waterworks AuthorityIDRC Only
1972Pre-project study on science policy instruments : draft discussion paperJones, GrahamIDRC Only
2008Pre-proposal workshop on impact of food safety standards on livelihoods of smallholder farmers in Kenya, held on 5-6 August at Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI), headquarters, Nairobi, KenyaMburu, John; Nyikal, Rose; Okello, Julius; Muriithi, BeatriceIDRC Only
3-Jun-1994Pre-School Education for Better Nutrition Project (Nepal)McKechnie, JoanneIDRC Only
1984Pre-school education in some parts of Kenya : context, issues and problemsNyonyintono, R.IDRC Only