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1985Preliminary exploration of estuary ecosystem structure at low trophic levels with a controlled microcosmWu, YongIDRC Only
1979Preliminary findings of the Baram Lake and Riverine Development Project : recommendations for fishing gear restrictionsWatson, D.J.IDRC Only
1992Preliminary inquiry into the micro level gender effects of macroeconomic adjustment policiesIllo, J.F.I.IDRC Only
1990Preliminary inventory of educational research in Eastern and Southern AfricaEgerton College; Komba, D.IDRC Only
1985Preliminary investigations of farmer practices in the cultivation of the maize / millet intercrop in Southern MaliJohnson, A.Open Access
1988Preliminary laboratory tests on oil seed processing using three machinesEgerton CollegeIDRC Only
2006Preliminary methodology for comparisons of mobile tariffs, version 2.1Lokanathan, Sriganesh; Iqbal, TahaniIDRC Only
1975Preliminary note on land tenure and the land code in SarawakNiew Shong-TongIDRC Only
1980Preliminary notes on the study on trade channels, marketing and distribution systems, import - export procedures, and credit facilities : country - BangladeshMarga InstituteIDRC Only
1977Preliminary observations on National Development Service ProgrammeTribhuvan UniversityIDRC Only
1978Preliminary report - Kenya urban housing needs / demand study 1978-2000Ibanda, S.IDRC Only
1986Preliminary report on feasibility study for data communication facility in support of the handpump projectSritharan, P.IDRC Only
1986Preliminary report on major mechanisms of technology transfer in Zambia's parastatal sectorMudenda, G.N.; Bardouille, R.; Ng'andu, F.; Chanda, D.IDRC Only
1985Preliminary report on surveys of economic benefits of integrated fish farming in ChinaAsian Pacific Regional Research and Training Centre for Integrated Fish FarmingIDRC Only
1974Preliminary report on the cytogenetics of tetraploid x diploid wheat crossesMetzger, R.J.; Silbough, B.A.Open Access
1984Preliminary report on the growth forms of Calamus caesius and C. trachycoleus in SAFODA's Kinabatangan Rattan PlantationSoon, S.P.; Momen, M.A.IDRC Only
1982Preliminary report on the resource survey of the Socio-Economic Information Network (SECIN), Aug. 1981 - Jan. 1982National Council on Libraries, Archives and Documentation Services; Clayton, C.IDRC Only
1974Preliminary report on the study of utilization of Mohtamyae in family planning programIDRC; Thailand. National Family Planning Program; Mahidol University, Faculty of Public Health; Keovichit, S.; Nomsiri, C.; Suvanavejh, C.; Sangchai, R.IDRC Only
Feb-2013Preliminary research report and list of activitiesDarimani, AbdulaiOpen Access
1978Preliminary results of cropping systems researchSaefuddin S.N., A.; Hidayat, A.; Tadjuddin, S.; Imtiaz, B.; Sudriatna, W.IDRC Only