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1985Precios industriales : una visión no convencionalCentro de Investigaciones Económicas; Laens, S.; Noya, N.; Casares, L.IDRC Only
1990Precios públicos y tipo de cambio durante la hiperinflación y estabilización bolivianaChávez Alvarez, G.IDRC Only
1990Precios, costos y desequilibrio monetario : la experiencia peruana 1981-1988Escobal, J.; Saavedra, J.IDRC Only
1989Precios, costos y desequilibrio monetario : la experiencia peruana; 1981-1988Grupo de Análisis para el Desarrollo; Escobal d'Angelo, J.; Saavedra Chanduvi, J.IDRC Only
1987Predición de las hambrunasToomey, G.Open Access
1998Predicting and managing mine related erosion in Indonesia : are new models needed?Mujiyanto, S.IDRC Only
2010Predicting and mapping malaria under climate change scenarios : the potential redistribution of malaria vectors in AfricaKangalawe, Richard Y.M.; Yanda, Pius Z.Open Access
1987Predicting famineToomey, G.Open Access
Apr-2014Predicting malaria in an highly endemic country using clinical and environmental dataZinszer, Kate; Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Occupational Health, McGill UniversityOpen Access
2003Predicting Zoonotic EmergenceDaszak, PeterIDRC Only
1991Prediction and analysis of China's population development trendBeijing Institute of Information and Control; Chinese University of Hong Kong; Yu Jingyuan; He Xiangwei; Yuan Jianhua; Liu JianpingIDRC Only
2012Prediction of child health by household density and asset-based indices in impoverished indigenous villages in rural PanamáHalpenny, Carli M.; Koski, Kristine G.; Valdés, Victoria E.; Scott, Marilyn E.IDRC Only
1979Prediction of energy digestibility of forages with in vitro rumen fermentation and fungal enzyme systemsMarten, G.C.; Barnes, R.F.Open Access
1981Prediction of pain expression using the extended gate control theory of pain and Fishbein's modelChoi, E.O.L.IDRC Only
1994Prediction of systematic risk : a case from TurkeyEconomic Research Forum; Saglam, IsmailOpen Access
1979Predictive validity of the government common entrance examination into secondary schools in CameroonAmin, M.E.IDRC Only
1984Preface / World leadership and international development : a report on the UNITAR / CEESTEM International Survey of Decision Makers and ExpertsHead, I.L.IDRC Only
2012Preface : challenges and opportunities for enhancing food security in KenyaHickey, Gordon M; Pelletier, Bernard; Brownhill, Leigh; Kamau, Geoffrey M; Maina, Immaculate NIDRC Only
2009Preface: integrated assessment of health and sustainability of agroecosystemsCharron, Dominique F.IDRC Only
2006Preferencias y potencial de mercado variedades locales AmazonicosCollado, Luis; Arroyo, Maria; Pinedo Ramírez, RogerIDRC Only