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2005Poverty impacts of the Doha Round in Cameroon : the role of tax policyEmini, Christian Arnault; Cockburn, John; Decaluwe, BernardOpen Access
2002Poverty implications of trade liberalization in Bangladesh : a general equilibrium approachBangladesh Institute of Development Studies; Khondker, B.H.; Mujeri, M.K.Open Access
1996Poverty in a linear modelling framework under alternative market regimes : a case study of rural IndiaNational Council of Applied Economic Research; Pradhan, B.K.; Sahoo, A.Open Access
2013Poverty in development thought : symptom or causeHulme, DavidOpen Access
1996Poverty in disadvantaged ethnic and caste groups of NepalAgricultural Projects Services Centre; Rajbansi, G.S.IDRC Only
1999Poverty in India : final report 1994-99Drèze, J.; Kumar, A.K.S.IDRC Only
1973Poverty in India; then and now, 1870-1970Dantwala, M.L.IDRC Only
2004Poverty in profileCardwell, M.IDRC Only
1984Poverty in the Northeast : a study of low income households in the Northeastern Region of Thailand; a research reportMedhi Krongkaew; Aphichart Chamratrithirong; Varai WoramontriIDRC Only
1994Poverty in the South : northern responsibilities and a role for CanadaHelleiner, G.K.IDRC Only
2001Poverty monitoring in Ba-Thuoc and Nhu-Xuan districts, Thanh-Hoa provinceVu Tuan Anh; Asselin, L.M.IDRC Only
2000Poverty monitoring in VietnamVu Tuan AnhIDRC Only
2005Poverty monitoring, empowerment of local communities and decentralized planning in Sri LankaHettige, SiripalaOpen Access
1983Poverty of nature : environment, development, science and technologyAgarwal, A.Open Access
2009Poverty of policyGillwald, AlisonOpen Access
1987Poverty of slash and burnMarchand, D.Open Access
2005Poverty of the state : reconsidering the role of the state in the struggle against global povertyCimadamore, Alberto; Dean, Hartley; Siqueira, JorgeIDRC Only
1997Poverty profile and poverty alleviation effects in Bangladesh : a SAM based analysisCentre on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific; Khondker, B.H.; Siddiqui, M.B.; Rahman, S.; Ahmed, Z.Open Access
2002Poverty profile in Bangladesh : livestock development as means of poverty reductionBangladesh Institute of Development Studies; Mujeri, M.K.Open Access
2005Poverty profile of five wards under Muhammadpur UnionKumar Guha, RanjanOpen Access