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1997Presentation before the Standing Committee for Foreign Affairs and International Trade, 4 Nov. 1997O'Neil, MaureenOpen Access
2002Presentation by Ms. Connie Freeman, Regional Director for Eastern and Southern Africa, Canada's International Development Research Centre (IDRC) : 2002 National Policy Research Conference, Ottawa (ON), Oct. 24, 2002Freeman, C.Open Access
1986Presentation of bibliographic information on viewdataKunentrasai, O.IDRC Only
1997Presentation skillsMedhora, Rohinton; Sander, Cerstin; IDRCOpen Access
2000Presentation to Donors' Meeting Water Demand Management Research Network, IDRC - Cairo, Egypt, 22 Nov. 1999Brooks, David B.Open Access
1994Presentation to the Conference on Global Partnerships for Sustainable Development ... Washington, DC, Sept. 8th, 1993Bezanson, K.A.Open Access
1994Presentation to the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade, 14 Apr. 1994Bezanson, Keith A.Open Access
1995Presentation to the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade, May 18, 1995Bezanson, Keith A.Open Access
2002Presentation to the Sub-Committee on International Trade, Trade Disputes and Investment of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and ternational TradeMedhora, R.; Joekes, S.Open Access
2010Presentation, healthy China 2020 : policy and technology evaluation, day 5, final [Chinese language]-IDRC Only
2003Presentations from the Acacia Conference, Pilansberg, South Africa, 14 Apr. 2003 (in PowerPoint and Word)IDRC, AcaciaOpen Access
2013Presented posters [appendix 10 of the joint technical final report (October 2010 - March 2013)]-IDRC Only
1988Preservación, durabilidad, propiedades físico-mecánicas y anatomía de la madera de 15 especies de tarijaCentro de Desarrollo Forestal Tarija; Fernández O., R.IDRC Only
1995Preservar el alimento en los Andes ecuatorianosMacDonald, Barbara; Nieto, Carlos; Vimos, CarlosOpen Access
1980Preservation of bamboosLiese, W.Open Access
1985Preservation of sheep peltLungrin, R.IDRC Only
1997Preservation of solid wood and wood panel products against insects and fungal attack using plant preservatives available in Tanzania : final technical reportMwingira, B.A.; Mwalongo, G.C.J.; Calve, L.IDRC Only
1985Preservation of the Indian people and of tropical rain forests : human settlements and agrarian reformAssociação Nacional de Apoio ao Indio; Schwartzman, Stephan; Aufderheide, Pat; Rich, Bruce M.IDRC Only
1986Preservation of topsoil and soil fertility in agricultural and forest regions : land use policy concerns are risingEmberley, Kenneth C.; Matas, David; Kiernan, Matthew J.; Gordon, David M.; Sunquist, FionaIDRC Only
2012Preserving biodiversity of Andean roots and tubers : working with womenCadima, Ximena; Terrazas, Franz; Salazar, Magaly; Calderón, Rayne; Antezana, lvonneIDRC Only