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2008Political economy of trade policy in the Middle East and North Africa :a study of selected sectors in Egypt and MoroccoKheir-El-Din, Hanaa; Achy, Lahcen; Bastawi, Akrum; Ghoneim, AhmedIDRC Only
1980Political factors in the future of pastoral peoplesSalzman, P.C.Open Access
1969Political finance in Southeast Asia with particular reference to the Philippines and Malaysia.Milne, R.S.IDRC Only
1972Political implications of satellite communication.Pearson, L.B.IDRC Only
1995Political instability and the struggle for control in Uganda, 1970-1990Kiyaga-Nsubuga, J.IDRC Only
2003Political institutions and economic policy reformRius, Andres; Walle, Nicolas van deIDRC Only
1971Political integration of urban squatters and slum dwellers in the PhilippinesLaquian, A.A.Open Access
2007Political Islam in the Middle East and North Africa : presentation to MEGGF Supported Programs Seminar, Koç University, Istanbul, 27 May 2007Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR)IDRC Only
2007Political Islam, political institutions and civil society in Iran : a literature reviewBradley, MeganOpen Access
2010Political legacy of South Africa affects the plant diversity patterns of urban domestic gardens along a socio-economic gradientLubbe, C.S.; Siebert, S.J.; Cilliers, S.S.IDRC Only
2000Political missions : introduction to part IBaranyi, S.IDRC Only
1969Political modernisation in Malaysia.Milne, R.S.IDRC Only
1991Political participation and development : Africa and Latin America; a selected, annotated bibliographyDow, Hugh; Barker, JonathanIDRC Only
2007Political parties and democratic development (Lebanon model) [Arabic language]Achti, Fares; Achti, ChaouketIDRC Only
2013Political parties briefGovernance and Development InstituteOpen Access
2008Political parties in Algeria : the limits of participationZoubir, Yahia H.IDRC Only
2008Political parties in Iraq : phase II [Arabic language]Abdul Jabbar, FalehIDRC Only
2009Political party development in the Arab world (Algeria, Bahrain, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco, Yemen) : final reportLebanese Center for Policy Studies (LCPS)IDRC Only
2008Political role of tribe in Yemen [Arabic language]-IDRC Only
2010Political role of tribes in Yemen [Arabic language]Shargabi, Adel MujahidIDRC Only