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1969Political modernisation in Malaysia.Milne, R.S.IDRC Only
1991Political participation and development : Africa and Latin America; a selected, annotated bibliographyDow, Hugh; Barker, JonathanIDRC Only
2007Political parties and democratic development (Lebanon model) [Arabic language]Achti, Fares; Achti, ChaouketIDRC Only
2013Political parties briefGovernance and Development InstituteOpen Access
2008Political parties in Algeria : the limits of participationZoubir, Yahia H.IDRC Only
2008Political parties in Iraq : phase II [Arabic language]Abdul Jabbar, FalehIDRC Only
2009Political party development in the Arab world (Algeria, Bahrain, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco, Yemen) : final reportLebanese Center for Policy Studies (LCPS)IDRC Only
2008Political role of tribe in Yemen [Arabic language]-IDRC Only
2010Political role of tribes in Yemen [Arabic language]Shargabi, Adel MujahidIDRC Only
2003Political space : reading the global through Clayoquot SoundMagnusson, W.; Shaw, K.IDRC Only
11-Nov-2013Political transition and sexual and gender-based violence in South Africa, Kenya, and Zimbabwe : a comparative analysisThomas, Kylie; Masinjila, Masheti; Bere, EuniceIDRC Only
1996Politicas de juventud en América Latina en la antesala del año 2000 : legros, desafios y oportunidadesRodríguez, E.; Bango, J.IDRC Only
1990Politicas para la farmoindustria 1983-1989 : informe preliminar ...Grillo, O.J.IDRC Only
1985Politicas por país : GuatemalaProyecto de Instrumentos de Política y Planificación Científica y Tecnológica para Centroamérica y Panamá; Ordonez Y., T.IDRC Only
1990Politicas publicas y la industria farmaceutica Argentina (1983-1989)Centro Latinoamericano para el Análisis de la Democracia; Grillo, O.J.IDRC Only
1965Politics and finance in Malaya.Milne, R.S.; Ratnam, K.J.IDRC Only
1991Politics and policy making in developing countries : perspectives on the new political economyInternational Center for Economic Growth; Meier, G.M.IDRC Only
1991Politics and policy making in developing countries : perspectives on the new political economy; executive summaryInternational Center for Economic Growth; Meier, Gerald M.IDRC Only
1977Politics and the sociology of foodHopper, W.D.; Zagorin, R.Open Access
1988Politics of Arab integrationIstituto Affari Internazionali; Luciani, G.; Salamé, G.IDRC Only