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1994President's meeting with staff, IDRC, Ottawa, 5 Dec. 1994IDRC; Bezanson, K.A.Open Access
1993President's opening remarks to First [Annual] Program Meeting, Oct. 25 - Nov. 5, 1993Bezanson, Keith A.Open Access
1986President's remarks to Board of Governors, New Delhi, March, 1986Head, I.L.Open Access
2000President's speech for the JICA meeting, Mar. 28, 2000O'Neil, MaureenOpen Access
1997Presidential address : "In the national interest"; science, geography, and public policy in CanadaWhyte, A.V.IDRC Only
1989Press clippings / Fifth International AIDS Conference-IDRC Only
-Press clippings on IDRCCanadian Press Clipping ServicesOpen Access
1992Press conference : Maurice Strong (UNCED)Commission on Developing Countries and Global Change; Bezanson, K.A.; Strong, M.Open Access
Nov-2013Press releaseGovernance and Development InstituteOpen Access
1970Press release; appointment of W.D.Canada. Office of the Prime Minister; Hopper, W.D.Open Access
2010Press review / spring 2010 : National Course on Water Demand Management, February 3-5, 2010Al Akhawayn University. Department of Development and CommunicationIDRC Only
1995Presse à grainsCentre de recherche industrielle du Québec; Institut burkinabé de l'énergieIDRC Only
2009Presse du Niger face à la gratuitéOusseini, AbdoullayeIDRC Only
1978Presse et le développement agricoleCorea, E.Open Access
1993Pressure points : environmental degradation, migration and conflictSuhrke, A.IDRC Only
1984Prestamo del BID al sector pesquero : el fracaso de un programa de desarrolloUniversidad de Costa Rica; Pacheco O., A.; Bermúdez M., A.IDRC Only
1989Prestation d'aliments de sevrage dans le cas des réfugiésSerdula, M.K.; Binkin, N.J.; Nieburg, P.; Berry, A.Open Access
1991Presupuesto del proyecto : guía para los procedimientos del CIIDCIID. Oficina del TesoreroOpen Access
2009Prevalence and costs of childhood diarrhoea in the slums of DhakaJahangir Alam, M.; Shyamsundar, PriyaOpen Access
Oct-2010Prevalence and Risk Factors for Near and Far Visual Difficulty in Burkina FasoFreeman, E; Zunzunegui, M V; Kouanda, S; Aubin, M J; Popescu, M-