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2007Potential to harness superior nutritional qualities of exotic baobabs if local adaptation can be conferred through graftingMaranz, Steven; Niang, Amadou; Kalinganire, Antoine; Konate, Djeneba; Kaya, BocaryIDRC Only
1982Potential use and performance of indirect free convective solar crop dryers in Sierra Leone : final report, IDRC research project: solar crop dryers I (Sierra Leone)Bassey, M.W.IDRC Only
1986Potential use, sale and export of tritium by OntarioCanadian Environmental Law Association; Shrybman, StevenIDRC Only
1984Potential utilization of major root crops, with special emphasis on human, animal, and industrial usesCoursey, D.G.Open Access
1995Potential value and challenges in mobilizing regional network linkages among indigenous minoritiesMichaud, J.Open Access
1975Potential value of a tissue culture technique for producing mosaic symptom free cassava plantsKartha, K.K.; Gambourg, O.L.Open Access
1989Potential value of non-conventional feedstuffs for animals in AsiaDevendra, C.Open Access
1985Potentialités de production de la patate douce au RwandaNdamage, G.Open Access
2000Potentialités et contraintes de gestion de ressources communes à l'agriculture et à l'élevage dans le terroir de Ziga en zone soudano-sahélienne du Burkina FasoInstitut d'études et de recherches agricolesIDRC Only
1992Potentialités piscicoles des écosystèmes fluvio-lacustres de la Côte d'IvoireTraore, K.Open Access
2003Potentials and challenges for integrating social, cultural and environmental information in geographic information system for ecosystem approach to human health : some insight and guidelinesDasori, W.P.IDRC Only
1987Potentials and performance studies of solar crop dryers in MauritiusYu Wai Man, Y.K.L.Open Access
1971Potentials for cooperative research : an International Development Research Centre perspectiveZagorin, R.K.Open Access
1997Potentials for diversifying Nigeria's non-oil exports to non-traditional marketsOsuntogun, A.; Edordu, C.C.; Oramah, B.O.Open Access
2004Potentials for the domestication of Khaya anthotheca in Central Mozambique (Manica Province)Alves, M.T.F.T.IDRC Only
1981Potentials for transfer of microbial technology in Eastern AfricaKeya, S.O.IDRC Only
2007Potentiel d'Internet mis à la portée des pays en développementCRDIOpen Access
2001Potentiel humain sous-évalué : les petits exploitants agricoles de la Caraïbe et du mondePaquette, R.IDRC Only
1995Pottery irrigation on Peru's arid coastMacMillan, NealeOpen Access
1988Poulets aquatiques pour les philippinsTimm, M.Open Access