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2000Poverty monitoring in VietnamVu Tuan AnhIDRC Only
2005Poverty monitoring, empowerment of local communities and decentralized planning in Sri LankaHettige, SiripalaOpen Access
1983Poverty of nature : environment, development, science and technologyAgarwal, A.Open Access
2009Poverty of policyGillwald, AlisonOpen Access
1987Poverty of slash and burnMarchand, D.Open Access
2005Poverty of the state : reconsidering the role of the state in the struggle against global povertyCimadamore, Alberto; Dean, Hartley; Siqueira, JorgeIDRC Only
1997Poverty profile and poverty alleviation effects in Bangladesh : a SAM based analysisCentre on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific; Khondker, B.H.; Siddiqui, M.B.; Rahman, S.; Ahmed, Z.Open Access
2002Poverty profile in Bangladesh : livestock development as means of poverty reductionBangladesh Institute of Development Studies; Mujeri, M.K.Open Access
2005Poverty profile of five wards under Muhammadpur UnionKumar Guha, RanjanOpen Access
2001Poverty profile of the PhilippinesReyes, C.M.IDRC Only
1985Poverty redressal programs in Korea : current status and evaluation; final research reportRo Kong Kyun; Oh Sang Bong; Deuk Joon YuIDRC Only
2008Poverty reduction in Vietnam with new challengesNguyen Van Nam; Nguyen Ngoc Son; Pham Truong HoangIDRC Only
2014Poverty reduction through dispossession : the milk boom and the return of the elite in Santo Tomás, NicaraguaMunk Ravnborg, Helle; Gómez, Ligia IvetteOpen Access
2007Poverty reduction through irrigation and smallholder markets : the path out of povertyIDE InternationalIDRC Only
1983Poverty structure and dynamics : the case of artisanal fishermen in the Province of Iloilo; final reportArdales, V.B.; David, F.P.IDRC Only
2000Poverty surveys in Bangladesh : a gender perspectiveSimrique Singh, L.IDRC Only
2007Poverty traps : exploring the complexity of causationDasgupta, ParthaOpen Access
2000Poverty trends and growth Performance : some issues in BangladeshMujeri, Mustafa K.IDRC Only
2001Poverty trends and growth performance : some issues in BangladeshBangladesh Institute of Development Studies; Mujeri, M.K.Open Access
2004Poverty versus genes : the social context of type 2 diabetesChaufan, ClaudiaIDRC Only