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2007Prevención de conflictos : agenda de acción regional, y agenda de acción globalCoordinadora Regional de Investigaciones Económicas y Sociales (CRIES)IDRC Only
1997Prevención de la contaminación en la gestion ambiental de la industria ArgentinaCentro de Investigaciones para la Transformación; Chudnovsky, D.; López, A.; Freylejer, V.IDRC Only
2002Prevención y control de Chagas a través de la promoción de la salud, y de los derechos humanos en las comunidades Lencas de San Marcos de la Sierra y Yamaranguila, Intibucá, Honduras : informe final técnicoSierra, M.IDRC Only
1997Preventing blindness : vitamin-A fortified ultra riceShore, KeaneOpen Access
2014Preventing Chagas in Central America through simple home improvementsIDRC. Ecosystems and Human HealthOpen Access
1999Preventing eye infections in rural NepalMcLeod, K.Open Access
2000Preventing gully erosion in NigeriaDale, S.Open Access
1999Preventing iron deficiency in women and children : background and consensus on key technical issues and resources for advocacy, planning and implementing national programmesInternational Nutrition Foundation; Micronutrient InitiativeIDRC Only
1999Preventing malaria : mixing public health interest with private profitMacMillan, N.Open Access
1972Preventing onchocerciasis through blackfly control : a proposal for Afro-Canadian research into the feasibility of using mermithid parasites as biological agents in the control of disease - transmitting blackfliesIDRCOpen Access
2012Preventing Pandemics Via International Development: A Systems ApproachBogich, Tiffany L; Chunara, Rumi; Scales, David; Chan, Emily; Pinheiro, Laura COpen Access
Apr-2003Preventing pesticide poisonings in Ecuador : integrated pest management yields economic and health benefitsDale, StephenOpen Access
1983Preventing school failure : the relationship between preschool and primary education; proceeedings of a workshop on preschool research held in Bogota, Colombia, 26-29 May 1981IDRC; Ford Foundation. Office for Latin America and the CaribbeanOpen Access
1998Prevention and Control of Cervical Cancer in the East and Southern Africa Region : meeting report, 29 Mar. - 1 Apr. 1998, Nairobi, KenyaProgram for Appropriate Technology in Health Kenya; Abwao, S.; Greene, P.; Sanghvi, H.; Tsu, V.; Winkler, J.L.IDRC Only
2000Prevention and control of vitamin A deficiency in far western region of Nepal through innovative approach : final reportInstitute of Community HealthOpen Access
1991Prevention and mitigation of disasters in Central America and Panama : a pending taskLavell, A.IDRC Only
25-Sep-2006Prevention for those who have freedom of choice – or among the choice-disabled : confronting equity in the AIDS epidemicAndersson, NeilOpen Access
1993Prevention in conflict resolution : the case of SomaliaSahnoun, M.M.IDRC Only
1991Prevention of pesticide poisoning-IDRC Only
1994Prevention of Tropical Diseases : Status of New and Emerging Vector Control Strategies; proceedings of a symposium held at the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, Dec. 2, 1991, Boston, MAAmerican Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene; Clark, G.G.IDRC Only