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2010Primary eye care in sub-Saharan African: do we have the evidence needed to scale up training and service delivery?Courtright, P; Seneadza, A; Mathenge, W; Eliah, E; Lewallen, S-
1990Primary eye irritation study in rabbits with endod (OECD)Rush, R.E.IDRC Only
1989Primary health care among the Orang Ulu of Sarawak, MalaysiaChen, P.C.Y.; Chen, S.T.; Hardin, S.; Kiyu, A.; Yap Sim BeeIDRC Only
1989Primary health care among the Orang Ulu of the Baram District of Sarawak, MalaysiaUniversiti Malaya; Chen, P.C.Y.; Chen, S.T.IDRC Only
1989Primary health care in Keningau, Sabah, MalaysiaUniversiti Malaya, Dept. of Paediatrics; Chen, S.T.; Chen, P.C.Y.; Chan, M.K.; Rahman, H.A.; Wong, M.L.IDRC Only
1978Primary Health Care Seminar, 1978Thailand. Ministry of Public HealthIDRC Only
2010Primary healthcare spending : striving for equity under fiscal federalismOkorafor, Okore A.Open Access
1980Primary school health education in TanzaniaMnzava, I.A.Open Access
1985Primary school literature and folk tales in Kenya : what makes a children's story African?Eisemon, T.O.; Hallett, M.; Maundu, J.IDRC Only
1982Primary school progress after preschool experience : troublesome issues in the conduct of follow-up research and findings from the Cali, Colombia studyMcKay, A.; McKay, H.Open Access
1986Primary school teachers in EgyptIbrahim, S.E.Open Access
1986Primary school teachers in Kenya : a study of teachers' views on promotionKenyatta University College; Karugu, A.M.IDRC Only
1990Primary schooling and agricultural education in Kenya : can principles of "modern" agriculture be taught effectively in schools?Abagi, J.O.IDRC Only
1991Primary schools and rural development : a case study of Bagamoyo District in coast region, TanzaniaKibatala, L.L.IDRC Only
1990Primer (I) congreso Colombiano de soldadura, Bogotá, Oct. 10-12 1990Universidad del ValleIDRC Only
1988Primer año de escuela en ChileFlip, J.IDRC Only
2000Primer borrador : género y el programa MINGA de CIID; informe final de consultoríaPoats, S.V.IDRC Only
1988Primer Congreso Latinoamericano de Ficología Marina y Tercer Symposium sobre Algas Marinas Chilenas ... Concepción, Chile, 16-20 nov. 1987Universidad de Concepción; Alveal V., K.; Romo D., H.; Chuecas M., L.; Werlinger I., C.; Aste von B., A.IDRC Only
1991Primer curso de ecoapiculturaCórdoba, L.IDRC Only
1994Primer encuentro de comercialización de las agroindustrias rurales de pequeños productoresJiménez de Pupareli, D.; Tesoriero, G.IDRC Only