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1975Planning familial au MaliLaplante, André; Samaké, Faran; Brown, George F.Open Access
1977Planning familial en Chine-Open Access
2008Planning families, planning gender : the adverse child sex ratio in selected districts of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and PunjabJohn, Mary E.; Kaur, Ravinder; Palriwala, Rajni; Raju, Saraswati; Sagar, AlpanaOpen Access
2007Planning for a sustainable future : projet de société; Canada and Agenda 21-IDRC Only
1980Planning for agriculture in Botswana : a report on the arable lands surveyInstitute of Development Management; Odell, M.IDRC Only
Sep-2012Planning for Climate Resilience at the local level: A Tale of 5 African Cities [Annex 42]Laros, MarleneOpen Access
May-2015Planning for effective governance in metropolitan areas in MexicoAguiñaga, Edna; Aranda, Andres; Ardis, Larissa; Castro, Erika; do Livramento Clementino, Maria; Markey, Sean; Hernandez, GretchenOpen Access
1980Planning for high density urban centres : lessons from Hong Kong and SingaporeYeung, Yue Man; Drakakis-Smith, D.W.IDRC Only
1981Planning for library automation using MINISISSly, M.IDRC Only
1983Planning for library automation using MINISISSly, M.IDRC Only
24-Jun-2015Planning for production of freshwater fish fry in a variable climate in northern ThailandUppanunchai, Anuwat; Apirumanekul, Chusit; Lebel, LouisOpen Access
2010Planning for 2.0 : terminal reportNational Computer Center, Commission on Information and Communications TechnologyIDRC Only
2011Planning for the future : facilitating scenario planning to improve livelihoods in transfrontier conservation areasMukamuri, Billy; Chirozva, Chaka; Manjengwa, JeanetteIDRC Only
1979Planning for the poor : the Asean experience; Fourth Annual Meeting, Federation of Asean Economic Associations, Manila, Dec. 6-8, 1979Esmara, H.IDRC Only
1999Planning for urban agriculture : a review of tools and strategies for urban plannersIDRC, Cities Feeding People Program Initiative; Quon, S.Open Access
1974Planning Meeting on National Bibliographies of the English - Speaking Caribbean : reportGill, M.E.IDRC Only
1997Planning monitoring and evaluation of programme performance : a resource bookIDRC. Evaluation UnitOpen Access
1974Planning of scientific and technological development in Colombia : explicit policies and implicit policies : report of Phase IIFondo Colombiano de Investigaciones Científicas y Proyectos Especiales Francisco José de Caldas; Chaparro, Fernando; Moreno, FelixIDRC Only
1980Planning policy and Bedouin society in OmanMohhammed, M.J.Open Access
1982Planning regional document delivery services for the Water Decade : the Latin American and Caribbean regionBartone, C.R.IDRC Only