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2011Policy brief : the complementary role of community land and property watchdog groups in protecting women’s land rights in KenyaGROOTS Kenya AssociationIDRC Only
2007Policy brief [Azerbaijani language]Gorchiyev, AhmadIDRC Only
2013Policy brief on young women's political participationGovernance and Development InstituteOpen Access
2003Policy briefs : guidelines for municipal policymaking on urban agricultureIDRC; Instituto de Promoción de la Economía SocialOpen Access
2000Policy competition for foreign direct investment : the global and regional dimensionsLatin American Trade Network; Chudnovsky, D.; López, A.Open Access
1996Policy consistency and inflation in GhanaSowa, N.K.Open Access
1995Policy constraints to the commercialisation of Caribbean regional information networksEvan-Wong, S.IDRC Only
2007Policy contradictions and women migrant workers : a case study of Burmese women workers in Thailand's border factoriesKusakabe, Kyoko; Pearson, RuthIDRC Only
11-Oct-2015Policy debate on minimum wages : report on a Panel Discussion at the Indian Society of Labour Economics, 57th Annual Conference, Srinagar; project paper H (g)IHD/Cebrap ProjectOpen Access
1992Policy environment conducive to long term researchMedford, D.Open Access
1999Policy failure in the Canadian food systemMacRae, R.Open Access
1993Policy formulation process : an NGO learning experienceCanadian Council for International CooperationIDRC Only
-Policy framework for migration in env. change-IDRC Only
2000Policy impact analysis in contemporary Sri LankaDunham, D.IDRC Only
1999Policy implications of natural resource conflict managementTyler, S.R.Open Access
2011Policy Implications of the Relationship between ICT Access and Usage and Well-being: A Case Study of KenyaMwololo Waema, Timothy; Okinda, ObadiaIDRC Only
2004Policy influenceStein, J.Open Access
1976Policy instruments from the Mexican STPI TeamMexican STPI TeamIDRC Only
1997Policy intervention in the street foods trade and its effects on health and livelihood : a case study of Quezon City (Metro Manila, Philippines)Yeung, D.S.IDRC Only
2001Policy interventions in the high Andes : poverty and the environment; targeting policy interventions at the rural poor niches threatened by severe land degradation in the high Andes, informe técnico - 2000Estrada, R.D.IDRC Only