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1990Politicas para la farmoindustria 1983-1989 : informe preliminar ...Grillo, O.J.IDRC Only
1985Politicas por país : GuatemalaProyecto de Instrumentos de Política y Planificación Científica y Tecnológica para Centroamérica y Panamá; Ordonez Y., T.IDRC Only
1990Politicas publicas y la industria farmaceutica Argentina (1983-1989)Centro Latinoamericano para el Análisis de la Democracia; Grillo, O.J.IDRC Only
1965Politics and finance in Malaya.Milne, R.S.; Ratnam, K.J.IDRC Only
1991Politics and policy making in developing countries : perspectives on the new political economyInternational Center for Economic Growth; Meier, G.M.IDRC Only
1991Politics and policy making in developing countries : perspectives on the new political economy; executive summaryInternational Center for Economic Growth; Meier, Gerald M.IDRC Only
1977Politics and the sociology of foodHopper, W.D.; Zagorin, R.Open Access
1988Politics of Arab integrationIstituto Affari Internazionali; Luciani, G.; Salamé, G.IDRC Only
1996Politics of ecology in South Africa : urban governance and environmental policy in Cape TownMcDonald, D.A.IDRC Only
1989Politics of economic reforms in Tanzania : 1977-1988Kiondo, A.S.Z.IDRC Only
1994Politics of environmental education in South AfricaKahn, MichaelIDRC Only
1977Politics of foodHopper, W. DavidOpen Access
1987Politics of food securityHulse, J.H.IDRC Only
1995Politics of free trade in North Americadel Castillo V., G.; Cánovas, G.V.IDRC Only
2005Politics of gender and reconstruction in AfghanistanKandiyoti, DenizIDRC Only
Apr-2014Politics of gross national happiness : image and practice in the implementation of Bhutan's multidimensional development strategySchroeder, Kent; Political Science and International DevelopmentIDRC Only
2007Politics of oil and state survival in Iraq (1991-2003) : beyond the rentier thesisAlahmad, NidaIDRC Only
2003Politics of process : multilevel environmental governance and energy sector reform in Uganda; technical reportGore, C.IDRC Only
1991Politics of reproductive needs interpretation : the impact of sap on women's reproductive aid economic rolesOwoh, KennaIDRC Only
2009Politics of trade : the role of research in trade policy and negotiationTussie, DianaOpen Access