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5-Aug-2013Post-doctorate award on Central America and the Caribbean at St Antony’s College : final technical reportJones, Halbert; Salazar Domínguez, Julián G.Open Access
1975Post-graduate teacher training : a Nigerian alternativeInternational Bureau of Education; Hawes, H.W.R.; Ozigi, A.O.IDRC Only
1983Post-harvest bibliography on corn, 1970-1982Southeast Asian Regional Centre for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture; Rillo, A.H.; Dayao, B.M.IDRC Only
1987Post-harvest fisheries research and the food system in developing countriesYoung, R.H.Open Access
1975Post-harvest food grain industry in semi-arid AfricaIDRC; Forrest, R.S.; Petersen, T.A.; Hogue, J.J.; Steckle, J.Open Access
1981Post-harvest handling and storage of lychee fruitSing, Ching Tongdee; Scott, K.J.; McGlasson, W.B.IDRC Only
1983Post-harvest problems of legumes in Tanzania : paper presented at the symposium on food and nutrition in Tanzania's development issues of the 80s, Dar es Salaam, 30 Nov. - 1 Dec. 1983University of Dar es Salaam; Mphuru, A.N.; Seenappa, M.IDRC Only
1974Post-harvest protection and processing of ricePadua, D.B. deOpen Access
1974Post-harvest rice technology in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand : a state of the art surveyIDRC; De Padua, D.B.IDRC Only
1974Post-harvest rice technology in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand : a state of the art surveyIDRC; De Padua, D.B.Open Access
1979Post-harvest technologyOntario Institute for Studies in Education; Forrest, B.; Padua, D. de; Yaciuk, G.; Simpson, D.Open Access
1980Post-harvest technology in Senegal : current practices and future needsYaciuk, G.; Yaciuk, A.D.Open Access
1976Post-partum approach to a KAP survey among married women in Davao CitySoutheast Asia Population Research Awards Program; Junsay, A.T.IDRC Only
1980Post-Production Rice Systems in Korea : final report of phase IIChang Joo ChungIDRC Only
1990Post-Production Socio-economics Project : final reportSchoonmaker Freudenberger, KarenIDRC Only
1988Post-Production Systems ProgramIDRC, Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Sciences DivisionOpen Access
1980Post-production systems research in developing countriesHulse, J.H.Open Access
1983Post-production Technology Research and Development for Cassava and Sweet Potato : annual report, April 1982 - March 1983Philippine Root Crop Research and Training CenterIDRC Only
1994Post-production, marketing and enterprise development evaluation activities in the high Andean zone of Latin America, October 30 - February 28, 1993 : final reportCarrillo, Pedro J.IDRC Only
1986Post-project evaluation of NTR (non-traditional roles of teachers)Tugade, M.A.; Winarno Surakhmad, H.IDRC Only