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1989Assessment of two Gambian trypanosomiasis screening programmes in the focus of Fontem (Cameroon)Sam-Abbenyi, A.IDRC Only
1980Assessment of water pumping technologies using locally available energy resources, BotswanaCarothers, R.Open Access
2012Assessment of water quality in coastal waters of Fernando de Noronha, Brazil : biomarker analyses in Amphistegina lessoniide Freitas Prazeres, Martina; Eslava Martins, Samantha; Bianchini, AdaltoIDRC Only
Oct-2000Assessment of water users associations in Egypt : consultancy service report (15 September to 5 October 2000)Tedla, ShibruOpen Access
1985Assessment report : the agricultural research environment; the case of Egyptian provincial universitiesMohamed Ali, Hatem; El-Din Hassanein Ali, Mohamed Dia; El-Motaleb Mohamed Shaaban, AbedIDRC Only
2005Assessment report of "building rural - urban digital links in Laos"Kosolvijak, AlisaOpen Access
2000Assessment report on China - IDRC research cooperationChina. Ministry of Science and Technology; Tan Say-Yin; Zhan Hongqi; Zheng Yongqi; Oldham, G.Open Access
1996Assessment report on the organizational capacity building needs of Selam Environmental Development Association (SEDA)Woldemariam, M.; Mwaura, N.IDRC Only
Mar-2001Assessment study of the Manhiça and Namaacha pilot telecentres (final version)Macome, Esselina; Cumbana, CarlosIDRC Only
1986Assessment to the prescription of chest radiography in outpatients at the Montreal Children's Hospital : a retrospective studyVasquez, MauricioIDRC Only
1991Assèchement de boues industrielles en MalaisieOuellet, D.IDRC Only
1997Assises d'une Palestine démocratique : le Programme en études des femmes à l'Université Birzeitel-Raifi, RoulaOpen Access
13-Apr-2012ASSIST Pakistan : Action to Stop Smoking In Suspected Tuberculosis in Pakistan; an intervention to stop tobacco use among patients suspected of TB – evaluation of an integrated approach (final technical report)Siddiqi, Kamran; Khan, Amir; Association for Social Development; University of Leeds. Nuffield Centre for International Health and DevelopmentOpen Access
2009Assistance in synthesis and documentation of health, environment and development outcomes in urban eco-health project, Katmandu : reportRaj Regmi, BimalOpen Access
2009Assistance in synthesis and documentation of health, environment and development outcomes in urban ecohealth project, Katmandu : a brief workshop reportRaj Regmi, BimalOpen Access
1988Assistance technique à l'organisation de la bibliothèque publique de l'Instituto nacional de estudos e pesquisas (INEP), juil. 1986 - avr. 1988 : rapport finalTrudeau, LiseIDRC Only
1976Assistance to the forgotten family; an approach to improving rural life.Canadian Association of African Studies; Engberg, L.E.IDRC Only
2009Assisted reproductive technologies : for whose benefit?SAMA Resource Group for Women and HealthIDRC Only
2010Assisted reproductive technologies : implications for women's reproductive rights and social citizenship; final technical report (10th December 2010)Sarojini, NB; Nayak, Preeti; Venkatachalam, Deepa; Shenoi, Anjali; Singh, SusheelaOpen Access
1998Assisted reproductive technologies for exotic zoo animalsStilley, K.; Godke, R.A.IDRC Only