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2004Mozambique entre dans l'ère de l'information : les technologies, outils de développement communautaireCRDI. Section de l'évaluation; Johnson, M.Open Access
2010Mozambique health information network (MHIN) : final technical reportGebru, Berhane; Ladd, Holly; Sideman, AndrewIDRC Only
2010Mozambique ICT Sector Performance Review, 2009/2010Mabila, Francisco; Nhabinda Mboane, José Mário; Mondlane, Avelino I.; Gillwald, AlisonOpen Access
2006Mozambique science, technology and innovation strategy (MOSTIS) : time horizon: 10 yearsMinistry of Science and TechnologyIDRC Only
1984Módulo de educación para la TVFuenzalida F., V.; Edwards R., P.; Lara, F.IDRC Only
2003Módulo III : Altiplano; tenencia, acceso y uso de la tierra en el altiplano de Bolivia (la dinámica económica rural - territorial de la marco eco-región formada por La Paz, Oruro y Potosí), versión final-IDRC Only
1983Módulo Sociodemográfico : reporte general del trabajo de campo; proyecto "Mórtalidad Infantil y Grupos Sociales"Instituto de Investigaciones SocialesIDRC Only
1991Módulos de capacitación : uso y manejo seguro de plaguicidas toxicología y prevención de riesgos para la salud y el medio ambienteBolivia. Ministerio de Previsión Social y Salud PúblicaIDRC Only
2006Mr. Harper, some advice on foreign affairsSmith, GordonIDRC Only
1988Mr. Head talks with IDRC staff, Jan. 1988Head, Ivan L.Open Access
1990Mr. Head's welcome address to new employeesHead, I.L.Open Access
1985MRC - TROPMED bibliographical record on the 1983 current literature : mosquito borne diseases in AsiaTropical Medicine and Public Health ProjectIDRC Only
1986MRC - TROPMED bibliography on mosquito borne diseases in Asia, 1984TROPMED National Centre of ThailandIDRC Only
2010mRNA Expression and activity of ion-transporting proteins in gills of the blue crab Callinectes sapidus: Effects of waterborne copperMartins, C M G; Almeida, D V; Marins, L F F; Bianchini, A-
1974Mrs. Pearson's notes for the official opening of the former Prime Minister's study in Laurier HousePearson, L.B.IDRC Only
2003MSEs potentials and success determinants in Egypt, 2003 - 2004 : special reference to gender differentialsEl-Mahdi, AliaOpen Access
2003MSME definition study (phase II) : final reportEconomic Research Forum (ERF); Arab Republic of Egypt. Ministry of Foreign Trade; International Development Research Centre (IDRC)IDRC Only
2003MSME definition study (phase II) : final report [Arabic version]Economic Research Forum (ERF); Arab Republic of Egypt. Ministry of Foreign Trade; International Development Research Centre (IDRC)IDRC Only
2010MSP newsletter, no. 1, May 2010Queen's University. Municipal Services ProjectIDRC Only
2011MSP newsletter, v. 1, no. 2, January 2011Queen's University. Municipal Services ProjectIDRC Only