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1995National report of TunisiaInternational Council on Archives; Fakhfakh, MoncefIDRC Only
2008National research and education network in Senegal (SenRER) in progress ...Niang, IbrahimaIDRC Only
2008National research and educational network of Ecuador : CEDIA (Consorcio Ecuatoriano para el Desarrollo de Internet Avanzado)Peláez, EnriqueOpen Access
2004National research case studies : volume 1, Africa-AsiaCGM Project Partners; Consumers InternationalIDRC Only
2004National research case studies : volume 2, Latin America-Eastern and Central EuropeCGM Project Partners; Consumers InternationalIDRC Only
1994National science and technology management system in South Africa : enabling guidelines for participantsKaplan, D.; de Wet, G.IDRC Only
1984National science and technology research institutions in Zambia : a case studyBardouille, R.; Kabamba, J.IDRC Only
1972National science policy and organization of scientific research in IndiaUNESCOIDRC Only
2007National seminar : emerging trends and structural contexts of adverse sex ratios in five north-indian states - M.P., Rajasthan, Harayana, H.P., Punjab, 13th-14th December 2007 : detailed report of the conferencePandey, AnkitaIDRC Only
1979National Seminar on Environmental Impact Statement Guidelines for Water Resources Development, 14-18 Nov. 1978, Sirikit Dam, Uttaradit : proceedingsThailand. Office of the National Environment BoardIDRC Only
1988National Seminar on Infant Mortality in Relation to Fertility : agenda for action on the AnvilFamily Planning FoundationIDRC Only
1986National standards system of Korea (a comparative study)Kim, Zae QuanIDRC Only
1992National strategic drug plan : Uruguay; site visit, Addiction Research Foundation consultants' reportIDRC; Uruguay; Addiction Research Foundation; Goodstadt, M.S.; Loranger, P.D.; Gliksman, L.L.IDRC Only
1998National strategy : South AfricaIDRCOpen Access
2002National strategy and action plan for medicinal and aromatic plant speciesKenya Working group on Medicinal and Aromatic Plant SpeciesIDRC Only
2002National strategy and action plan for medicinal and aromatic plant species, 2003-2008Kenya Working Group on Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Species (KWG-MAPS)IDRC Only
2008National study to review existing policy documents and identification of upcoming priority national health policy issues in East African community partner states : Kenya country reportKariuki, J.; Muthami, L.; Mutai, J.; Ojakaa, D.Open Access
2010National tobacco control action plan 2010-2015Ministry of Public Health and SanitationOpen Access
1996National Training Workshop on the Rearing of the Giant African SnailOzubulu Maka Echi Women's CooperativeIDRC Only
Dec-2011National Transfer Accounts (NTA) bulletin, December 2011, number 3Lee, Ronald D.; Mason, Andrew; Westley, Sidney B.IDRC Only