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2001MIMAP - Nepal : poverty and development monitoring system and decentralized planning in Nepal; paper presented in the 16th AGM of the Pakistan Society of Development Economists, Jan. 22-24, 2001, Marriott, IslamabadSharma, ShivaIDRC Only
2002MIMAP - Nepal, 2nd phase : technical report (Feb. 2001 - Jan. 2002)Agricultural Projects Services Centre; sharma, S.IDRC Only
2000MIMAP - WDR project : final report, Mar. 1, 1999 - Feb. 28, 2000-IDRC Only
2000MIMAP gender network : background and an account of work in progressMukhopadhyay, S.IDRC Only
2006MIMAP gender network : work currently in progress and possible future directions-IDRC Only
1996MIMAP research on poverty in Nepal : a synthesisAgricultural Projects Services Centre; Sharma, S.; Chhetry, D.IDRC Only
2001MIMAP synthesis report : major conclusions and policy implicationsPakistan Institute of Development Economics; Kemal, A.R.; Irfan, M.; Arif, G.M.IDRC Only
2001MIMAP training and technical support, Jan. 1998 - June 2000 : technical final reportUniversité Laval, Centre de recherche économie et finance appliquée; Decaluwé, B.; Duclos, J.Y.; Dissou, Y.; Araar, A.; Dumont, J.C.Open Access
2002MIMAP training program : first, second and third interim reportsUniversité Laval; Canadian Centre for International Studies and CooperationIDRC Only
1979Mimbre : perspectivas para su uso e investigaciónGraham, M.Open Access
1987Mimbre, funcional y belloTimm, M.Open Access
1981Mina por explotarHibler, M.; Stanley, B.Open Access
1984Minamata diseaseUi, JunIDRC Only
1992Minas estatales en Bolivia : fin de una eraFarthing, L.Open Access
2010Minding the undertow : assessing water “privatization” in CubaCocq, Karen; McDonald, David A.IDRC Only
1981Mine d'or : la recherche agricole au CanadaHibler, M.; Stanley, B.Open Access
1979Mine de protéinesCRDI; Institut international d'agriculture tropicale; McKee, N.; Bédard, J.Open Access
2002Mineração, minerais e desenvolvimento sustentável na América do Sul : sumário executivoMinería, Minerales y Desarrollo Sustentable en América del Sur; IDRC. Regional Office for Latin America and the CaribbeanOpen Access
1999Mineral - related socio - economic and other community issues in SADC member states : an overview of the linkages between mining and communities in the South African development community; IDRC mission reportSolomon, M.IDRC Only
1984Mineral content of yam tubers : row boiled, and as flourBell, A.Open Access