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-Mycorrhiza newsTata Energy Research Institute. Mycorrhiza NetworkIDRC Only
1988Mycorrhiza Round Table : proceedings of a workshop, New Delhi, 13-15 Mar. 1987Jawaharlal Nehru Agricultural University; IDRC. Regional Office for South Asia; IDRC; Oka, A.K.; Varma, A.K.; Mukerji, K.G.; Titlak, K.V.B.R.; Raj, J.Open Access
1991Mycotoxin prevention and control in foodgrainsASEAN, Grain Postharvest Programme; Semple, R.L.; Frio, A.S.; Hicks, P.A.; Lozare, J.V.IDRC Only
1989Mycotoxines : des génies malfaisants dans vos céréalesIsrael, E.Open Access
1985Mycotoxines et malnutritionCadieux-Ledoux, H.Open Access
1989Mycotoxins : gremlins in your grainIsrael, E.Open Access
1985Mycotoxins and malnutritionCadieux-Ledoux, H.Open Access
1990Mysterious milkfishIDRC; Bailey, C.; Whitehead, W.; del Grandé, L.; McKee, N.Open Access
1986Mysterious milkfish : increasing yield through researchIDRC; McKee, N.; MacLennan, L.Open Access
1977Mystères de la méso-économie : l'exemple du transport maritimeBauchet, P.IDRC Only
-Myth and reality of Canada - U.S. relations.Brecher, I.IDRC Only
1994Mythes autour de la prestation des services sociauxDeby, DeniseOpen Access
1985Myths and reality in the Bhopal tragedyShrivastava, PaulIDRC Only
1986N'Goundiane à l'heure des latrinesBakhoum, I.Open Access
1988N2 fixation in Thai soybeans : effect of tillage and inoculation on 15N determined N2 fixation in recommended cultivars and advanced breeding linesRennie, R.J.; Rennie, D.A.; Siripaibool, C.; Chaiwanakupt, P.; Boonkerd, N.IDRC Only
2013N2Africa Podcaster, no. 18, January and February 2013N2AfricaIDRC Only
1995Na força das idéias : indicadores de sustentabilidade agrícola na Amazônia o caso de machadinho d'Oeste, RondôniaEmpresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuária, Núcleo de Monitoramento Ambiental; Miranda, E.E. de; Mattos, C. de O.; Mangabeira, J.A. de C.IDRC Only
2002Nabisunsa Girls School, east of Kampala; Acacia supplied computers to the school / École des filles de Nabisunsa, est de Kampala; des ordinateurs ont été fournis par AcaciaBennett, PeterOpen Access
1994Nación de investigadores de saludBadou, Jerome AdiakouOpen Access
1984NACOLADS / IDRC Project : final report for phase I, July 23, 1980-Mar. 31, 1984National Council on Libraries, Archives and Documentation ServicesIDRC Only