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1983Migraçáo e fecundidade em quatro contextos brasileiros : notas de pesquisaBerquó, Elza; Faria, Vilmar E.IDRC Only
1983Migraçáo, família e fecundidade : um experimento de análise integradaCentro Brasileiro de Analise e Planejamento; Berquó, E.; Faria, V.E.IDRC Only
Dec-2011Migrant women domestic workers and freedom of communication in Taiwan : a case for barrier-free access to mobile phones as a basic rightSmales, Philippa; Gurumurthy, Anita; Joshi, ArpitaOpen Access
2009Migrant women, economic security & the challenges of reintegration : project technical reportMavrinac, SarahIDRC Only
2011Migrants contribute to development, yet their transfers are overcharged : why? and what can be done about it?; a perspective from MoroccoAchy, LahcenIDRC Only
1984Migrants from fifty villagesInstitute of Applied Social and Economic Research; Ross, A.C.IDRC Only
1979Migrasi di daerah khusus ibukotaUsman, M. Kasim; Universitas Indonesia. Pusat Latihan Penelitian Ilmu Ilmu Sosial JakartaIDRC Only
2014Migrating to adapt? : contesting dominant narratives of migration and climate change; case of Maldives and LakshadweepUpadhyay, HimaniIDRC Only
1985Migration africaine vue à travers le prisme des enquêtes récentesGregory, J.W.; Piché, V.IDRC Only
4-Mar-2014Migration and climate change : the experience of PakistanRizvi, HasanIDRC Only
1985Migration and development in JamaicaAnderson, P.Y.IDRC Only
1992Migration and economic participation of women in NepalTuladhar, JyotiIDRC Only
1983Migration and fertility as "survival strategies"Vlassoff, C.IDRC Only
1986Migration and housing in state capitals : Abeokuta, Akure and Benin (Nigeria); final reportAdepoju, A.IDRC Only
2015Migration and inclusive growth in Vietnam : recent trends and policy implications [Vietnamese language]Pham Minh Thai; Vu Thi Van NgocIDRC Only
1-May-2012Migration and Natural Resource Management : Lessons across the Globe; final narrative report, October 1, 2010 – April 30, 2012Kandel, Susan; Hecht, Susanna; Cuéllar, Nelson; Morales, AbelardoIDRC Only
1974Migration and regional development : implications for planning in Indonesia, Thailand and the PhilippinesCummings, F.H.IDRC Only
1980Migration and settlement planning in TanzaniaMiddleton, C.D.IDRC Only
1980Migration et sous-développement en Haute-Volta : bilan d'une enquêtePiché, V.IDRC Only
1981Migration et sous-développement en Haute-Volta : essai de typologiePiché, V.; Gregory, J.W.; Desrosiers, D.IDRC Only