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1991Multi level services for user needs in agricultureXing ZhiyiOpen Access
1999Multi merchant catalogue or booktiqueplus? : a preliminary investigation into the feasibility of selling development research books over the webLamothe, R.; Laplante, M.IDRC Only
2014Multi-actor flood governance in Cape Town's informal settlements unpacking the barriers to collaborative governanceWaddell, J.; Ziervogel, G.IDRC Only
2003Multi-center initiative for evaluation research and capacity building for micronutrient deficiency control programsMason, J.B.Open Access
1992Multi-crop Dryers Project (phase 2) : final reportChiang Mai University, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering; Sitthiphong, N.IDRC Only
2009Multi-document Summarization by Information DistanceLong, C; Huang, M L; Zhu, X Y; Li, M-
6-May-2012Multi-faceted approach to promote knowledge translation platforms in eastern Mediterranean countries: climate for evidence-informed policyEl-Jardali, Fadi; Ataya, Nour; Jamal, Diana; Jaafar, MahaOpen Access
2011Multi-level participation for building adaptive capacity : formal agency-community interactions in Northern KenyaRobinson, Lance W.; Berkes, FikretOpen Access
2009Multi-Party Policy Roundtable : Exploring Food Sovereignty; Implications for Canadian Development Policies, Tuesday, November 24, 2009, Ottawa – summary of proceedingsWorking Group on Canadian Science and Technology Policy, Inter ParesIDRC Only
1982Multi-project activities in Bombali District : a case study of problems of the delivery system for rural development in Sierra LeoneTuray, H.IDRC Only
2005Multi-purpose community telecentre pilot project - Sengerema, Tanzania; final technical report for the IDRCTanzania Commission for Science and Technology; Mlaki, Theophilus E.; Masawe, Matthias; Ncheye, FelicianIDRC Only
2006Multi-scale methods for a comprehensive water balance : a case study in the headwaters of Río Barbas in ColombiaRoa-García, María CeciliaOpen Access
2005Multi-sectoral HIV / AIDS approaches in Africa : how are they evolving?Binswanger, Hans; Gillespie, Stuart; Kadiyala, SuneethaIDRC Only
Mar-2012Multi-stakeholder cost-benefit analysis of climate change adaptation measures and options : the case of urban water provision in the context of melting glaciers in BoliviaGonzales Iwanciw, Javier; Zalles, Heidi; Cabrera, YesmyIDRC Only
2002Multi-stakeholder policy processes : lessons for genetic resources policy developmentSTRATOS : Strategies to SustainabilityOpen Access
1991Multi-state evolution equation of family population and its applicationBeijing Institute of Information and Control; Chinese University of Hong Kong; Ye Xiaoye; Ying HuangIDRC Only
1977Multi-variate analysis of fertility preference in LampoonSoutheast Asia Population Research Awards Program; Boonchoo, C.IDRC Only
2011Multibiomarker approach at different organization levels in the estuarine Perinereis gualpensis (Polychaeta; Nereididae) under chronic and acute pollution conditionsDíaz-Jaramillo, M; Martins da Rocha, A; Gomes, V; Bianchini, A; Monserrat, J M-
Jul-2011Multicriteria decision evaluation of adaptation strategies for vulnerable coastal communitiesMostofi Camare, HoomanIDRC Only
1988Multicultural health education : an emerging reality in CanadaMacDonald, J.; Thompson, P.R.; De Souza, H.IDRC Only