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2015Minimum wage in Brazil : a useful policy tool to reduce wage inequality?de Freitas Barbosa, Alexandre; Cacciamali, Maria Cristina; Rodgers, Gerry; Tatei, FabioIDRC Only
25-Jun-2015Minimum wage policy in Brazil and India and its impact on labour market inequality : project paper F.1Cacciamali, Maria Cristina; Chakrabarty, Taniya; Rodgers, Gerry; Tatei, FabioOpen Access
2015Minimum wages and employment in ChinaFang, Tony; Lin, CarlOpen Access
-Minimum wages in China : standard and implementationYang Du; Peng JiaIDRC Only
1996Minimum wages in Latin America : the controversy about their likely economic effectsUniversity of Toronto, Centre for International Studies; Canadian Foundation for the Americas; Riveros, L.A.Open Access
2002Mining and Amerindians in Guyana : final report of the APA/NSI project on "Exploring Indigenous Perspective on Consultation and Engagement within the Mining Sector in Latin America and the Caribbean"Colchester, Marcus; La Rose, Jean; James, KidOpen Access
1998Mining and conflicts relative to biodiversity in Latin America : recommendations for industryFleming, S.E.IDRC Only
1998Mining and its potential environmental impacts : a community guide with a focus on the region of Angangueo, Michoacán, MéxicoQuevillon, M.A.IDRC Only
2012Mining and Seasonal Variation of the Metals Concentration in the Puyango River Basin—EcuadorGarcia, Maria Eugenia; Betancourt, Oscar; Cueva, Edwin; Gimaraes, Jean ROpen Access
1999Mining and the environment : case studies from the AmericasWarhurst, AlysonOpen Access
2002Mining Clusters in Latin America : final narrative reportECLAC; Buitelaar, R.IDRC Only
2003Mining companies and local development : Latin America (Chile, Colombia and Peru); executive summaryBachetta, V. L.Open Access
2009Mining in Africa : regulation and developmentBelem, Gisèle; Mazalto, Marie; Sarrasin, Bruno; Akabzaa, Thomas; Campbell, BonnieOpen Access
2004Mining in Peru : high altitude mining and cooper [sic] mining in southern PeruLoayza, F.Open Access
1991Mining in the Himalayas : report on a field study in Almora and Pithoragarh districtsSudarshan, Ratna M.; Institute of Social Studies TrustIDRC Only
1991Mining in the Himalayas : report on a field study in Almora and Pithoragarh districts; appendix to the reportBhatt, Anuradha; Institute of Social Studies TrustIDRC Only
1997Mining industry and the environment : proceedings of a national symposium, Kumasi, Ghana, Apr. 14-15, 1997IDRC; University of Science and TechnologyOpen Access
2003Mining Policy Research Initiative external reviewSzablowski, DavidOpen Access
2002Mining Policy Research Initiative seminar "Looking to the Future" - June 13, 2002, IDRC head officeIDRCIDRC Only
1994Mining sector : its linkages to industrialization in Kenya; for presentation at the Kenya Industrial Research Project Workshop (Final), to be held on 22nd and 23rd December 1994, NairobiSamanta, PurnaIDRC Only