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1979Microtesauro de Ingeniería Sanitaria y Ciencias del Ambiente (MISCA) : versión preliminar en EspañolRed Panamericana de información y Documentación en Ingeniería Sanitaria y Ciencias AmbientalesIDRC Only
2005MICTI ICT incubator evaluation report : from war heroes to business heroesTemlett, SeanOpen Access
2010MICTI incubator technical report : improving the competitiveness and increase the amount and quality of SME in the ICT industry for the economic development in Mozambique; the MICTI incubator phase 3Mozambique Information and Communication Technology Institute (MICTI)IDRC Only
1990Mid - term report for 1990Fine, Jeffrey C.Open Access
2006Mid-Stream Workshop report, 1st to 3rd August, 2006, Gaborone, BotswanaNyamai-Kisia, Caroline; Odindo, MauriceIDRC Only
2000Mid-term assessment of the ACACIA program of IDRC, 1997-2000Whyte, AnneOpen Access
May-1997Mid-term evaluation / Peru Economic Research Consortium (PERC)Young, RogerIDRC Only
Sep-2015Mid-term evaluation of the AIMS-IDRC/DFID program, 2010-2017 : final reportSadeski, Francie; Allinson, Rebecca; Dani, Soheir; Ploeg, Matthias; Svetachova, Marina; Vaucelle, Flore; Zegel, StijnOpen Access
2002Mid-term evaluation of the Community Based Biodiversity Conservation (CBDC) Programme during its second phase : final draft report of an external evaluation conducted in Jan. and Feb. 2002Worede, Melaku; Moore, MonicaOpen Access
1996Mid-term evaluation of the West Africa Rural Foundation (WARF)Management Systems International; Otto, J.; Assigbley, Y.; Séne, A.Open Access
1991Mid-term evaluation report / ASEAN Grain Post Harvest Program (AGPP)Adriano, M.S.; Forrest, R.S.; Ghaffar, R.A.Open Access
2005Mid-term evaluation report of Vong Tay Lon ProgramSuva, Madeline M.; Tirol, Stella C.Open Access
2010Mid-term project progress report : fair financing in East and Southern Africa; community voice through radio and participatory communications (report for the period July 2009 to 17 November 2009)Training and Research Centre (TARSC); Regional Network for Equity in Health in East and Southern Africa (EQUINET)IDRC Only
2008Mid-term review : Cities Farming for the Future Program; final reportCabannes, Yves; Pasquini, MargaretOpen Access
2009Mid-term review : sustainable management of Algerien steppes; a participatory learning approach / la gestion durable des parcours steppiques; la voie de l'apprentissage participatifDubbeling, MarielleOpen Access
1998Mid-term review : Wetland Production Systems Research Project, Bhutan; project evaluation reportSchreier, H.; Scheidegger, U.; Gomez, A.Open Access
2008Mid-Term Review of the DFID/IDRC Climate Change Adaptation in AfricaWatkinson, Andrew; Khennas, Smail; Misselhorn, Alison; Footitt, AnthonyOpen Access
2004Mid-term review of the Southern African Trade Research NetworkDraper, PeterOpen Access
1991Midday : eco-tours; interview with David Brooks and others, May 21, 1991Canadian Broadcasting Corporation; Brooks, David B.; Pringle, V.; Butler, J.; Lewis, E.Open Access
1992Midday : water collection from clouds in Chile; Aug. 10, 1992Canadian Broadcasting Corporation; CBOT (Television station); Newman, K.; Shemenauer, R.IDRC Only