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2007Microfinance Services and Rural Women : proceedings of the 2nd Annual Thematic Workshop, Amman, Jordan, 18 - 21 September 2006 [Arabic version]Knowledge Access in Rural Inter-connected Areas Network (KariaNet)Open Access
2007Microfinancing and poverty reduction in EthiopiaAlamirew Alemu, BamlakuIDRC Only
Jun-1991Microfisheries of small water bodies in Africa : an annotated bibliographyGordon, ChrisOpen Access
May-2012Microgeographic spatial structuring of triatoma infestans (Hemiptera: Reduviidae) populations using wing geometric morphometry in the Argentine ChacoGaspe, M.S.; Schachter-Broide, J.; Gurevitz, J.M.; Kitron, U.; Gürtler, R.E.; Dujardin, J.P.IDRC Only
1977MicrolaboratorioSistema Rural de Servicios de SaludIDRC Only
2004Micronutrient enhancement of maize and sorghum based foodstuff in West Africa : a sustainable approach to mitigate hidden hungerPlahar, W.A.; Johnson, P.N.T.; Brehima, D.; Leguet, G.; Laurencia, O.IDRC Only
1996Micronutrient fortification of foods : current practices, research, and opportunitiesLotfi, M.; Venkatesh Mannar, M.G.; Merx, R.J.H.; Naber-van den Heuvel, P.Open Access
2004Micronutrient fortified complementary foods Ecuador : report-Open Access
1996Micronutrient Information Systems Project : final technical report, May 2, 1994 - Nov. 29, 1996Rollins School of Public Health, Programme Against Micronutrient MalnutritionIDRC Only
1999Micronutrient Initiative : activity highlights, March 1999-April 1999Micronutrient InitiativeOpen Access
2000Micronutrient Initiative : evaluation of programs and operations, 1992-2000Mestor Associates CanadaOpen Access
2000Micronutrient Initiative : vitamin A commodities grant, 1997 / 1998; final reportUNICEFIDRC Only
2001Micronutrient report : current progress and trends in the control of vitamin A, iodine, and iron deficienciesLotfi, M.; Mason, J.B.; Dalmiya, N.; Sethuraman, K.; Deitchler, M.Open Access
Jun-1996Micronutrient supplementation and malaria risk (Canada / Ethiopia) : final scientific reportAdam, Zenaw; Gyorkos, Theresa W.IDRC Only
Sep-1991Micropêcheries des petits plans d'eau en Afrique : une bibliographie annotéeGordon, ChrisOpen Access
2000Micropolitics of civil society and citizen participationMeltzer, J.Open Access
1988Microprocessor - based process control : tea drying; Sri LankaSeniviratne, K.; Fleet, B.; Gunasingham, H.IDRC Only
Aug-1981Microprocessor based media : a briefing on the technologies, applications, and diffusion of videotex, teletext, personal computers, speech synthesis and speech recognition, communicating word processors, and satellite earth terminalsWills, Russel M.Open Access
1989Microprogagación de tres araceas comestibles libres de virusGómez, L.; Monge, M.; Valverde, R.; Arias, O.; Thorpe, T.IDRC Only
1977Micropuesto de saludSistema Rural de Servicios de SaludIDRC Only