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1996MIMAP research on poverty in Nepal : a synthesisAgricultural Projects Services Centre; Sharma, S.; Chhetry, D.IDRC Only
2001MIMAP synthesis report : major conclusions and policy implicationsPakistan Institute of Development Economics; Kemal, A.R.; Irfan, M.; Arif, G.M.IDRC Only
2001MIMAP training and technical support, Jan. 1998 - June 2000 : technical final reportUniversité Laval, Centre de recherche économie et finance appliquée; Decaluwé, B.; Duclos, J.Y.; Dissou, Y.; Araar, A.; Dumont, J.C.Open Access
2002MIMAP training program : first, second and third interim reportsUniversité Laval; Canadian Centre for International Studies and CooperationIDRC Only
1979Mimbre : perspectivas para su uso e investigaciónGraham, M.Open Access
1987Mimbre, funcional y belloTimm, M.Open Access
1981Mina por explotarHibler, M.; Stanley, B.Open Access
1984Minamata diseaseUi, JunIDRC Only
1992Minas estatales en Bolivia : fin de una eraFarthing, L.Open Access
2010Minding the undertow : assessing water “privatization” in CubaCocq, Karen; McDonald, David A.IDRC Only
1981Mine d'or : la recherche agricole au CanadaHibler, M.; Stanley, B.Open Access
1979Mine de protéinesCRDI; Institut international d'agriculture tropicale; McKee, N.; Bédard, J.Open Access
2002Mineração, minerais e desenvolvimento sustentável na América do Sul : sumário executivoMinería, Minerales y Desarrollo Sustentable en América del Sur; IDRC. Regional Office for Latin America and the CaribbeanOpen Access
1999Mineral - related socio - economic and other community issues in SADC member states : an overview of the linkages between mining and communities in the South African development community; IDRC mission reportSolomon, M.IDRC Only
1984Mineral content of yam tubers : row boiled, and as flourBell, A.Open Access
1984Mineral nutrition (Malawi)Mtimuni, J.P.; Mfitilodze, M.W.IDRC Only
1977Mineral nutrition of cassava and adaptation to low fertility conditionsEdwards, D.G.; Asher, C.J.; Wilson, G.L.Open Access
1989Mineral oil pine tannin solutions as anticorrosive for cold rolled steelMatamala, G.; Smeltzer, W.; Benavente, R.; Milos, A.IDRC Only
2000Mineral policies for the Sahel that are good for the environment and good for peopleTouré, A.Open Access
1989Mineral status of animal tissues, forages and soils and the effect of supplementation of deficient minerals on reproductive rate of beef cows grazing tropical natural pastures at Kuti Ranch, SalimaBunda College of Agriculture; Mtimuni, J.P.; Mfitilodze, M.W.IDRC Only