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1996Monitoring Systems for Poverty TrackingReyes, Celia M.IDRC Only
2008Monitoring the achievement of the millennium development goals (MDGs) using CBMS : proceedings of the 2008 National Conference on CBMS; January 30-February 1, 2008, Manila, PhilippinesPEP - CBMS Network Coordinating Team, Angelo King Institute for Economic and Business Studies, De La Salle UniversityOpen Access
1999Monitoring the health of coral reefs from spaceBellamy, R.Open Access
1992Monitoring the Micro Impact of Macroeconomic Adjustment Policies (MIMAP)Philippine Institute for Development Studies; Florentino, R.F.; Pedro, R.A.IDRC Only
2006Monitoring the outcomes of participatory research in natural resources management : experiences of the African Highlands InitiativeOpondo, C.; Sanginga, P.; Stroud, A.IDRC Only
2009Monitoring the performance of the Expanded Program on Immunization : the case of Burkina FasoHaddad, Slim; Kabore, Moussa; Taminy, Emile; Feletto, Marta; Fournier, PierreOpen Access
2011Monitoring the policy of universal coverage : will Jamkesmas worsen geographic inequity?; policy briefTrisnantoro, LaksonoIDRC Only
1995Monitoring universal salt iodization programmesMicronutrient Initiative; International Council for Control of Iodine Deficiency Disorders; UNICEF; WHO; Rollins School of Public Health; Cervinskas, J.; Sullivan, K.M.; Houston, R.; Gorstein, J.Open Access
1998Monitoring vitamin A programsMicronutrient Initiative; Cervinskas, J.; Houston, R.Open Access
1995Monitoring zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis with GISMbarki, L.; Ben Salah, A.; Chlif, S.; Chahed, M.K.; Balma, A.Open Access
1986Monoclonal antibodies to bovine and human acrosinElce, J.S.; Graham, E.J.; Zboril, G.; Leyton, L.; Perez, E.IDRC Only
1995Monocultivos, los monopolios y la masculinización del conocimientoShiva, VandanaOpen Access
1994Monocultures of the mind : understanding the threats to biological and cultural diversityShiva, V.IDRC Only
1995Monocultures, monopoles et masculinisation du savoirShiva, VandanaOpen Access
1995Monocultures, monopolies and the masculinisation of knowledgeShiva, VandanaOpen Access
1981Monograph of plectocomia (Palmae: Lepidocaryoideae)Madulid, D.A.IDRC Only
2007Monopoly abuse warningO'Neil, Maureen; Edward, GeralynIDRC Only
1992Monsoon cloudwater chemistry on the Arabian PeninsulaSchemenauer, Robert S.; Cereceda, PilarIDRC Only
2001Montaje y puesta en marcha de un laboratorio de bioensayos para evaluar la toxicidad de las aguas a nivel local, municipalidad de Pudahuel, Santiago, ChilePudahuel (Chile). Departamento de Medio Ambiente; Matus L., N.IDRC Only
1986Montería : desarrollo urbano y prestación de serviciosBrunal S., B.S.; Diaz Urzola, M.; Yances Torres, R.IDRC Only