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1982Microelectronics and industry in the Third World : policy issues and research prioritiesHoffman, KurtIDRC Only
1981Microelectronics and the multinationalsWills, Russel M.IDRC Only
1986Microelectronics and women's employment in the newly industrialising countriesYoung, Kate; Henwood, FelicityIDRC Only
1985Microelectronics based automation technologies and developmentUnited Nations Centre for Science and Technology for DevelopmentIDRC Only
1984Microelectrónica en Venezuela : una posibilidad real de desarrollo tecnológicoPirela, ArnoldoIDRC Only
1987Microempresa informal en ciudades intermedias : características y condiciones de trabajo de la fuerza laboralCentro de Estudios para el Desarrollo y la Participación; Cabello, H.L.IDRC Only
Oct-1991Microempresa rural de alimentos (MERA)Edwardson, William; Rozo, Camilo; Romero, ArturoOpen Access
-Microfichas REDUC / Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo de la EducaciónCentro de Investigación y Desarrollo de la EducaciónIDRC Only
1988Microfilaraemia, serum antibody and development of clinical disease in Wuchereria bancrofti infected microfilaraemic subjects treated with diethylcarbamazine citrateDissanayake, SenarathIDRC Only
1987Microfilm is forever : keeping information fresh in aluminum pouchesToomey, G.Open Access
1987Microfilm storage without air conditioningPusat Dokumentasi Ilmiah NasionalIDRC Only
1987Microfilme es para siempre : guardando la información en valijas de aluminioToomey, G.Open Access
1987Microfilms pour l'éternitéToomey, G.Open Access
2001Microfinance : a market approach (COFI); interim technical report, May 1, 2000 - Nov. 1, 2000Fischer, K.P.IDRC Only
2001Microfinance : réflexion autour des enjeuxSy, M.IDRC Only
2010Microfinance and ICT : free and open source management information systems implementation development phase II; final technical report (October 2007-December 2010)-IDRC Only
2006Microfinance and poverty-Open Access
2015Microfinance en Afrique centrale : le défi des exclusAyuk, Elias T.Open Access
2006Microfinance et pauvreté-Open Access
2007Microfinance Services and Rural Women : proceedings of the 2nd Annual Thematic Workshop, Amman, Jordan, 18 - 21 September 2006Knowledge Access in Rural Inter-connected Areas Network (KariaNet)Open Access