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1997Methodology for studying research networks in the developing world : generating information for science and technology policyShrum, W.; Beggs, J.J.Open Access
1980Methodology for the inventory and monitoring of pastoral ecosystem processesCroze, H.J.; Gwynne, M.D.Open Access
2005Methodology for understanding niche incompatibilities in agroforestryGerman, Laura; Kidane, Berhane; Shemdoe, Riziki; Sellungato, MartinIDRC Only
1981Methodology of the Response Errors ProjectWorld Fertility Survey; O'Muircheartaigh, C.A.IDRC Only
1982Methodology of the Response Errors ProjectWorld Fertility Survey; O'Muircheartaigh, C.A.IDRC Only
1976Methods and interpretation of environmental perception researchCanadian Committee for MAB; Comité canadien sur MABIDRC Only
2002Methods for achieving and maintaining high levels of net usage and regular reimpregnation of mosquito nets with insecticide in Bagamoyo district, Tanzania-IDRC Only
1975Methods for allocating resources in applied agricultural research in Latin America.Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical; Agricultural Development Council; Pinstrup-Andersen, P.; Byrnes, F.C.; Nestel, B.L.Open Access
1990Methods of evaluating productivity of native sheep under both research farm and producers conditionsGalal, E.S.E.; Younis, A.A.Open Access
1983Methods of managing agricultural research and extending new knowledge to growersEcheverri Echeverro, S.; Zapata Llano, F.IDRC Only
1985Methods of pasture establishmentGrant, P.J.; Clatworthy, J.N.Open Access
1978Methods of population improvement in broad bean breeding in EgyptNassib, A.M.; Ibrahim, A.A.; Khalil, S.A.Open Access
1993Methods of rangeland improvement and revegetation for denuded, semi-arid savanna areas in the Baringo District, KenyaSnelder, D.J.R.M.IDRC Only
1995Methods of rice fish culture and their ecological efficiencyWu LanghuOpen Access
1979Methods used to design a scientific and technological policy with respect to research and development activitiesChaparro, F.Open Access
1997Methylmercure : un risque non négligeableLachance, AndréOpen Access
1990Metodo de observación naturalista : otra forma de examinar la realidadKotliarenco, María Angélica; Fuentes L., Ana; Zavala Z., JessicaIDRC Only
2007Metodología "SAS cholo" : fortalecimiento del capital social y humano en los planes de desarrollo local con enfoque de género e interculturalidadClaverías Huerse, RicardoOpen Access
1997Metodología CIAL : caso San Francisco de Saco, municipio de Arizona, departamento de Atlantida-IDRC Only
1977Metodología CIMDER para adiestramiento de promotoras rurales de saludSistema Rural de Servicios de Salud; Arboleda G., R.IDRC Only