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1986Marginalization of the black male : insights from the development of the teaching professionUniversity of the West Indies, ISER; Miller, E.IDRC Only
2008Maria Ng conferred medal by Cambodian governmentNg, Maria; Chiam, VivienOpen Access
2008Mariage et divorce à Dakar : itinéraires fémininsBinetou Dial, Fatou; Centre de recherche sur les politiques sociales (CREPOS)IDRC Only
1990Mariculture in Japan : 1, Development of an industryDavy, F.B.IDRC Only
Jun-1991Mariculture research and development in Japan : an evolutionary reviewDavy, F. BrianOpen Access
1992Marine and coastal ecosystems management in Latin America and the Caribbean : problems and research capacityPenchaszadeh, P.E.Open Access
1986Marine and coastal environmentSzekely, FranciscoIDRC Only
1992Marine Ecosystem Enclosed Experiments : proceedings of a symposium held in Beijing, People's Republic of China, 9-14 May 1987Wong, C.S.; Harrison, P.J.Open Access
1985Marine fishery resourcesMcIntyre, AlistairIDRC Only
1994Marine pollution-IDRC Only
1989Marine science information throughout the world : sharing the resourcesInternational Association of Marine Science Libraries and Information Centers; Winn, C.P.; Burkhart, R.W.; Burkhart, J.C.IDRC Only
1976Marital social mobility in the PhilippinesSoutheast Asia Population Research Awards Program; Castro, N.M.IDRC Only
1980Mark series well pumpsJellema, K.Open Access
2000Market - driven land - use dynamics in the middle mountains of NepalBrown, S.; Shrestha, B.IDRC Only
Feb-2013Market and consumer studies of pulse crops in Southern Ethiopia [annex to the final technical report]Tefera, TewodrosOpen Access
Jun-1995Market development and food demand in rural ChinaJikun Huang; Rozelle, ScottIDRC Only
2010Market dynamics and productivity in developing countries : economic reforms in the Middle East and North AfricaSekkat, KhalidOpen Access
1988Market for dried fruit and vegetables in Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia : report on a consultancy undertaken for the SADCC Post-production Food Industry Advisory UnitMacGarry, BrianOpen Access
1994Market for drylands and deserts?Oriang, LucyOpen Access
Feb-2002Market for economic research in PeruHunt, ShaneIDRC Only