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Apr-2009Media Centre Dakar présente “Recueil de témoignages en appui au suivi-évaluation d'une activité du projet coordonné par l'IAGUMedia Centre DakarIDRC Only
2005Media concerns about WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control and Tobacco Control activities in Vietnam : study reportBùi Tiến Dũng; Trần Thị Kiều Thanh Hà; Phạm Thị Hoàng AnhIDRC Only
1990Media education in Latin America : paper submitted to the "new directions in media education" colloquy, BFI - CLEMI - UNESCO, Toulouse, 2-6 July 1990Comunicación y Cultura para el Desarrollo; Fuenzalida, ValerioIDRC Only
1979Media meets the massesAmaya, S.Open Access
2010Media piracy and enforcement in Brazil : costs and benefits; toward détente in media piracy, Rio de Janeiro (August, 2010)Castro, Oona; Bandeira, Olívia; Moncau, Luiz; Mizukami, PedroOpen Access
2011Media piracy in emerging economiesKaraganis, JoeOpen Access
1985Media reports on SEAFDEC AQDSEAFDEC Aquaculture Dept.IDRC Only
1987Media Seminar, Wednesday, July 8, 1987 : a World of Five Billion; Threat or Challenge?IDRCIDRC Only
1990Mediación de la escuela municipalizada en la configuración del rol docente : informe finalEdwards R., V.; Assaél, J.; López, G.IDRC Only
1994Mediation of risk : ecology, society and authority in a Karakoram mountain communityMacDonald K.I.IDRC Only
1990Medical curriculum for 2000 A.D. : a case for the application of the science of education in medical educationBankole, M.A.Open Access
1981Medical ethics and medical education : proceedings of the XIVth Round Table Conference, Mexico City, Mexico, 1-3 Dec. 1980Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences; Bankowski, Z.; Bernardelli, J.C.IDRC Only
1990Medical journals in the Hellis Sri Lanka Network 1990Korale, S.R.IDRC Only
1988Medical laboratory newsletter : an effective way to improve the standard of medical laboratories in ThailandChiang Mai University; Audomsark HaesungcharernIDRC Only
1988Medical laboratory newsletter, vol. 4, no. 1 - vol. 6, no. 3 [Thai language]Chiang Mai UniversityIDRC Only
1988Medical scientific advance : some moral, ethical and legal challengesStuart, K.L.IDRC Only
2006Medical students of Kyrgyzstan: smoking prevalence and attitudes to smoking cessation counselingVinnikov, Denis; Lahdensuo, Aarne; Brimkulov, NurlanIDRC Only
1974Medicina al alcance de todosSanger, C.Open Access
1976Medicina simplificada en Venezuela : efectivo programa de salud para su población rural aisladaAmaya, S.Open Access
1976Medicina sin doctoresDorozynski, AlexanderOpen Access