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1977Micro macro links in planning : the role of small group action in Indian agricultural development and its implications for extensionAustralian National University; Krishnaswamy, P.B.IDRC Only
1978Micro socio-economic analysis of fertility behavior : a rural family perspective; methodologyMahidol University; Suchart Prasithrathsint; Tawatchai Arthornthurasuk; Kanchana Kamsuwan; Songyote Waewhongse; Kanoksak KaewthepIDRC Only
1978Micro socio-economic analysis of Thai fertility behaviour : a rural family perspective; the findingsMahidol University; Suchart Prasith-rathsintIDRC Only
2002Micro, pequeñas y medianas empresas en el Perú : análisis de los sectores de confecciones, metalmecánica y servicios informáticos; informe narrativo finalGrupo de Análisis para el Desarrollo; Saavedra, J.; Robles, M.; Torero, M.; Valdivia, N.; Chacaltana, J.IDRC Only
1998Micro- and macro - level financial reform in CanadaPowell, J.Open Access
1996Micro-credit initiatives for equitable and sustainable development : who pays?; a case study of the Grameen Bank Program in rural BangladeshRahman, A.IDRC Only
2007Micro-finance and ICTs : support for the Hivos Star Programme in microfinance in Eastern and Southern Africa; final reportBesuijen, MarjanIDRC Only
1988Micro-hydropower : current list of literatures in CDRT LibraryInstitute of Engineering and Rural TechnologyIDRC Only
1978Micro-model of demographic economic behaviorSoutheast Asia Population Research Awards Program; Fong, Kwok YuenOpen Access
2001Micro-thesauri : a tool for documenting human rights violationsHURIDOCS; Dueck, Judith; Guzman, Manuel; Verstappen, BertIDRC Only
1984Microbial breakdown of linamarin in fermenting cassava pulpEjiofor, M.A.N.; Okafor, N.Open Access
1989Microbial changes during the natural fermentation of falafel pasteEl-Sahn, M.A.; Youssef, M.M.IDRC Only
1990Microbial control of lepidopterous pests of oilseed cropsSalama, H.SOpen Access
1992Microbial degradation of petroleum in an intertidal beach environment : in situ sediment enclosure studiesLee, K.; Levy, E.M.Open Access
1985Microbial protein (Guelph) : final report to the International Development Research Centre, Nov. 1, 1983 - June 30, 1984Gregory, K.F.IDRC Only
1980Microbial treatment and utilization of night soilLo, M.C.Open Access
2002Microbicides 2002 : conference abstracts, 12-15 May 2002, Antwerp, Belgium-IDRC Only
1989Microcentrales hidráulicas : despertando un potencialCentro de Estudios en Tecnologías Apropiadas para América LatinaIDRC Only
1990Microcomputer based instrumentation package for teaching, industry and research : final reportGunasingham, H.IDRC Only
1994Microcomputer software component of the Navrongo Demographic Surveillance System (NDSS) : technical manualIndome, Frank; Binka, Fred; MacLeod, Bruce; Adazu Kubaze, Frank; Phillips, James F.IDRC Only