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1980Mechanical properties of bamboo used in constructionJanssen, J.Open Access
1984Mechanism for collective actions by international agricultural research centresWoolston, J.E.Open Access
1990Mechanism of Disease Induction by HIVRaven Press; Gallo, Robert C.IDRC Only
1973Mechanism of the gointrenic action of cassavaErmans, A.M.; Kinthaert, J.; Velden, M. van der; Delange, F.Open Access
1973Mechanisms and instruments for science & technology policy implementation : a proposal for international comparative research among developing countriesIDRCIDRC Only
2007Mechanisms and tools for generating, and disseminating appropriate local content in underprivileged communities in GhanaEgyir, Irene Susan; Sampong, Dennis DorsahIDRC Only
1991Mechanisms for exploitation of scienceAdegoke, A.S.IDRC Only
1978Mechanisms of antigenic variation in salivarian trypanosomesDoyle, J.J.; Hirumi, H.; de Gee, A.L.W.Open Access
2011Mechanisms of copper accumulation in isolated mantle cells of the marine clam Mesodesma mactroidesLopes, T M; Barcarolli, I F; de Oliveira, C B; de Souza, M M; Bianchini, A-
2011Mechanisms of sodium extrusion in isolated mitochondria-rich cells of the freshwater mussel Lasmigona costata after copper exposureNogueira, L S; Wood, C M; Bianchini, A; Gillis, P L-
1987Mechanisms of technology acquisition in parastatal companies in ZambiaMudenda, G.N.IDRC Only
1970Mechanistic and organic models of public administration in developing countries.Milne, R.S.IDRC Only
1980Mechanization in California agriculture : the case of canning tomatoesProyecto Cooperativo de Investigación sobre Tecnología Agropecuaria en América Latina; de Janvry, A.; LeVeen, P.; Runsten, D.IDRC Only
1979Mechanization of lentil harvestingKhayrallah, W.A.IDRC Only
1977Mechanization of yam and sweet potato production in BarbadosJeffers, J.P.W.Open Access
1985Mechanized agricultural equipment for hilly terrainHarvey, W.O'N.IDRC Only
2002Media and Herbal Medicine workshop, Panafric Hotel, Nairobi, 25-26 Jan. 2002Isagi, H.; Gathura, G.; Njoroge, J.IDRC Only
1981Media and messages : flexibility is the key to development communication in IndiaVoigt, T.E.; Jain, R.Open Access
1990Media and the environment : a bibliographyAsian Mass Communication Research and Information CentreIDRC Only
2007Media and the Rwanda genocideThompson, AllanOpen Access