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2011MECCA Africa / Monitoring and Evaluation of Climate Change Adaptation Initiatives in Africa, v. 1, no. 6, September 2011Diarra, Demba; Ogboro, GeorgeIDRC Only
2011MECCA Africa / Monitoring and Evaluation of Climate Change Adaptation Initiatives in Africa, v. 1, no. 7, January 2012-IDRC Only
1987Mechanical behaviour of brittle agricultural soilsHatibu, N.IDRC Only
1974Mechanical dough development by sheeting and its application to bread production from composite floursHulse, J.H.; Bushuk, W.Open Access
1980Mechanical properties of bamboo used in constructionJanssen, J.Open Access
1984Mechanism for collective actions by international agricultural research centresWoolston, J.E.Open Access
1990Mechanism of Disease Induction by HIVRaven Press; Gallo, Robert C.IDRC Only
1973Mechanism of the gointrenic action of cassavaErmans, A.M.; Kinthaert, J.; Velden, M. van der; Delange, F.Open Access
1973Mechanisms and instruments for science & technology policy implementation : a proposal for international comparative research among developing countriesIDRCIDRC Only
2007Mechanisms and tools for generating, and disseminating appropriate local content in underprivileged communities in GhanaEgyir, Irene Susan; Sampong, Dennis DorsahIDRC Only
1991Mechanisms for exploitation of scienceAdegoke, A.S.IDRC Only
1978Mechanisms of antigenic variation in salivarian trypanosomesDoyle, J.J.; Hirumi, H.; de Gee, A.L.W.Open Access
2011Mechanisms of copper accumulation in isolated mantle cells of the marine clam Mesodesma mactroidesLopes, T M; Barcarolli, I F; de Oliveira, C B; de Souza, M M; Bianchini, A-
2011Mechanisms of sodium extrusion in isolated mitochondria-rich cells of the freshwater mussel Lasmigona costata after copper exposureNogueira, L S; Wood, C M; Bianchini, A; Gillis, P L-
1987Mechanisms of technology acquisition in parastatal companies in ZambiaMudenda, G.N.IDRC Only
1970Mechanistic and organic models of public administration in developing countries.Milne, R.S.IDRC Only
1980Mechanization in California agriculture : the case of canning tomatoesProyecto Cooperativo de Investigación sobre Tecnología Agropecuaria en América Latina; de Janvry, A.; LeVeen, P.; Runsten, D.IDRC Only
1979Mechanization of lentil harvestingKhayrallah, W.A.IDRC Only
1977Mechanization of yam and sweet potato production in BarbadosJeffers, J.P.W.Open Access
1985Mechanized agricultural equipment for hilly terrainHarvey, W.O'N.IDRC Only