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2006Measuring and understanding productivity in UK market servicesCrespi, Gustavo; Criscuolo, Chiara; Haskel, Jonathan; Hawkes, DeniseIDRC Only
1992Measuring benefits and costs of smallholder maize extension research, ZimbabweMacMillan, James A.; Gudimu, G.; MacRobert, J.F.; Rugube, L.; Guveya, E.IDRC Only
1988Measuring child mortality from maternity histories collected at time of childbirth : the EMIS surveysMbacké, C.S.M.Open Access
1988Measuring development effects of agricultural research in the Third World : case study methodologiesHardie, J.D.M.Open Access
2010Measuring innovation in southeast Asia : towards an innovation-led development path in the PhilippinesChairatana, Pun-ArjOpen Access
9-Jul-2014Measuring open data’s impact of Brazilian national and sub-national budget transparency websites and its impacts on people’s rightsCraveiro, Gisele; Tavares, Marcelo; Beghin, Nathalie; Zigoni, CarmelaOpen Access
2011Measuring our reachIDRC. CCAA ProgramOpen Access
1976Measuring plant density effects on insect pests in intercropped maize cowpeasGerard, B.M.Open Access
2005Measuring poverty in a multidimensional perspective : a review of literatureBibi, SamiOpen Access
1994Measuring productivity improvements at the firm levelRaghuraman, V.IDRC Only
2002Measuring productivity in African agriculture : a survey of applications of the superlative index numbers approachEhui, Simeon K.; Jabbar, Mohammad A.Open Access
2004Measuring the burden of informal caregivers of AIDS patients in Western Uganda : final reportKipp, W.; Tindyebwa, D.IDRC Only
1992Measuring the cost benefit of science and technology programsJames F. Hickling Management Consultants; Chant, V.G.IDRC Only
1995Measuring the effects of information on developmentThorngate, W.Open Access
2006Measuring the federal government's commitment to aboriginal rightsWright, Chuck; Bianchi, EdIDRC Only
1994Measuring the impact of information : implications for marketingMcConnell, P.Open Access
1996Measuring the impact of information on decision making in the Caribbean Community : final report of a research studyBoissiere, N.IDRC Only
1993Measuring the impact of information on developmentMenou, Michel J.Open Access
1995Measuring the impact of information on development : overview of an international research programMcConnell, P.; Griffiths, J.M.Open Access
1995Measuring the impact of information on development : related literature, 1993-1995Chataway, B.; Cooke, A.Open Access