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1985Market Information System (Caribbean) Pilot Project : final project report-IDRC Only
1996Market liberalization and its effects on Nigerian agricultureOlomola, A.; Nwosu, A.C.; Okunmadewa, F.IDRC Only
1992Market liberalization and private sector response in Eastern and Southern AfricaQueen Elizabeth House; Beynon, J.IDRC Only
1994Market power, vertical linkages, and government policy : the fish industry in Peninsular MalaysiaOmar, I.H.IDRC Only
1986Market research and food technology in developing countriesYoung, R.H.; MacCormac, C.W.Open Access
1987Market research and food technology in developing countriesYoung, R.H.; MacCormac, C.W.Open Access
1987Market research for food products and processes in developing countries : proceedings of a workshop held in Singapore 1-4 Apr. 1986Young, R.H.; MacCormac, C.W.Open Access
Jul-1987Market research methodsWest, Sandra J.; Earle, Mary D.Open Access
1993Market research on the utilization of management information in India : a draft reportIndian Institute of Management; Jain, A.K.; Ramarao, T.P.; Jambhekar, A.IDRC Only
1985Market structure and technology : their interdependence in Indian industryDesai, A.V.IDRC Only
1996Market structure and trade policy in developing countries : a general equilibrium approachDostie, B.; Cockburn, J.; Decaluwe, B.Open Access
1989Market structure, relative prices and income distributionPontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro; Amadeo, E.J.; Camargo, J.M.IDRC Only
1986Market study and consumer testing of dehydrated vegetables and fruits in Sri LankaCurtis, Ranjana; Gunetileke, K.G.; Ceylon Institute of Scientific and Industrial ResearchIDRC Only
1992Market study on meteor burst communications : final reportIntelecon Research and Consultancy Ltd.IDRC Only
2008Market study report for morizella® juice : final reportKangaroo LimitedIDRC Only
1996Market survey on essential oils in Malawi : final reportThondolo, Max; Masamba, W.R.L.IDRC Only
1979MarketingAgricultural Projects Services CentreIDRC Only
1981Marketing bee products : addresses of importers and agentsInternational Bee Research AssociationIDRC Only
1981Marketing constraints for dried fish productsUniversitas BrawidjayaIDRC Only
1993Marketing development information in South AsiaGeethananda, H.IDRC Only