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1998Macroeconomic implications of demographic changes in KenyaKirori, G.N.; Ali, J.Open Access
1992Macroeconomic instability and trade liberalization in Brazil : lessons from the 1980s to the 1990sUniversity of Wales; Bonelli, Regis; Franco, Gustavo B.; Fritsch, WinstonIDRC Only
1989Macroeconomic models for policy analysis in Latin AmericaCorporación de Investigaciones Económicas para Latinoamérica; Vial, J.IDRC Only
1992Macroeconomic performance, stabilization and adjustment : the experience of Bangladesh in the 1980sRahman, S.H.IDRC Only
1991Macroeconomic policies and long term growth : a conceptual and empirical reviewKhan, M.S.; Villanueva, D.Open Access
2000Macroeconomic policy change and the joint schooling and labor force participation decision of chlidren 10-24 years oldPolicy and Development Foundation Inc.; Orbeta, Aniceto C.IDRC Only
2000Macroeconomic regimes and the trade agenda in Latin AmericaFanelli, José MaríaOpen Access
1992Macroeconomic Research Group (MERG) : structure, regulations and programmesMacroeconomic Research GroupIDRC Only
1986Macroeconomic Research, Brazil (Phase II) / Final technical and financial reports, Dec. 1984 - June 1986Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de JaneiroIDRC Only
1990Macroeconomic research-Brazil, phase IV : final technical and financial reports, September 1988-December 1990Werneck, RogérioIDRC Only
1982Macroeconomic stability and the optimal degree of capital mobilityArellano, J.P.IDRC Only
1995Macroeconomic sustainability and development prospects : the Latin American performance in the ninetiesFrenkel, RobertoIDRC Only
1975MacroeconomicsCommittee on Economics Teaching Material for Asian UniversitiesIDRC Only
1994Macroeconomía de América Latina : de la crisis de la deuda a las reformas estructuralesDamill, Mario; Fanelli, José MaríaIDRC Only
1987Macroeconomía propia de SuraméricaFine, J.C.Open Access
1987Macroéconomie à la Sud-AméricaineFine, J.C.Open Access
1993Macropolicies for the transition from stabilization to growthFanelli, José María; Frenkel, RobertoIDRC Only
1983Macropropagation of bambusoid grass [(Phragmites communis (CAV.) trin and stend.)] and micropropagation of bamboo (Bambusa glaucescens Siebold)University of Saskatchewan, Dept. of Horticulture Science; Banik, R.L.IDRC Only
1986Macrosoluciones en microcomputadoresFleury, J.M.Open Access
1972Macrothesaurus : a basic list of economic and social development termsOECD; Viet, J.IDRC Only