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2006Management of some commons in southern Africa : implications for policyAtkinson, Doreen; Taylor, Michael; Matose, Frank; University of the Western Cape, Programme for Land and Agrarian StudiesIDRC Only
1993Management of technology and technical change : a study of the Nigerian coal industryNigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research; Oyelaran-Oyeyinka, B.IDRC Only
1995Management of technology and technological change in Canada : learning and teaching innovation and competitivenessDavis, C.H.; Smith, R.IDRC Only
1991Management of the AGRIS and CARIS Regional Centers in Southeast AsiaSison, J.C.Open Access
1986Management of urban development and reform : the case of Dar es Salaam City and Mbeya municipal councilsSendaro, A.M.IDRC Only
1988Management of urban growth in TurkeyKeles, R.IDRC Only
1986Management of urban servicesNational Institute of Urban AffairsIDRC Only
1985Management of Urban Services in Nairobi : focus on the Matatu mode of public transportUniversity of Toronto; Mitullah, Winnie V.IDRC Only
1989Management of vertisols for improved agricultural production : proceedings of an IBSRAM Inaugural Workshop (International Board for Soil Research and Management), 18-22 Feb. 1985, ICRISAT Center, IndiaInternational Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics; International Board for Soil Research and ManagementIDRC Only
1997Management of water demand in Africa and the Middle East : current practices and future needsIDRC; Brooks, David B.; Rached, E.; Saade, M.Open Access
1985Management planning systems with particular emphasis on co-operative organisations : a synthesis paper based on a major study of planning systems in co-operative organisationsChilomo, Phillip P.IDRC Only
2000Management practices, soil quality and maize yield in smallholder farming systems of central MalawiPelletier, B.IDRC Only
1980Management research in population programs : an international surveyJain, S.C.IDRC Only
19-Feb-2015Management response to the external reviews of the Agriculture and Environment Programs on Ecosystems and Human Health, and Climate Change and WaterCharron, Dominique; McGurk, Stephen J.Open Access
26-May-2015Management response to the external reviews of the Social and Economic Policy programs on Governance, Security and Justice, and Supporting Inclusive GrowthSzabo, Sue; McGurk, Stephen J.Open Access
1972Management sciences in an underdeveloped country: the case of operations research in Peru.Sagasti, F.R.IDRC Only
2008Management strategies for protected areas : insights and recommendations from studies on environmental and resource economics in Southeast AsiaIDRC. Regional Office for Southeast and East Asia, Economy and Environment Program for Southeast AsiaOpen Access
1975Management strategies in some problematic tropical fisheriesAllsopp, W.H.L.IDRC Only
1999Management tools for development organizations : IDRC / BAIF MER pilot test collaboration; final technical report, Oct. 10, 1997 - Mar. 31, 1999Jones, L.IDRC Only
2012Managerial interpretation of environment dynamism, nonlocal search trajectories, and ties with service intermediariesKittilaksanawong, W.; Shentu, T.; Guo, B.; Du, J.IDRC Only