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1982Look at the future of the fertilizer industry : an economic and technological analysisParsan, E.IDRC Only
1991Look at the relationship between fertility behavior and socioeconomic development from the aspect of the world [Chinese language]Beijing Institute of Information and Control; Chinese University of Hong Kong; He Lin; Yuan JianhuaIDRC Only
1996Look at the world through women's eyes : NGO Forum on Women, Beijing 1995, 30 Aug.-8 Sept.; final reportNGO Forum on Women; Foro de ONG sobre la Mujer; Forum des ONG sur les femmesIDRC Only
1996Look at the world through women's eyes : plenary speeches from the NGO Forum on Women, Beijing 1995NGO Forum on Women; Foro de ONG sobre la Mujer; Forum des ONG sur les femmes; Friedlander, E.IDRC Only
1981Look back at the 70'sDoggett, H.Open Access
1995Looking at health through women's eyesSoon Young YoonOpen Access
1989Looming revolution in PakistanCharbonneau, R.Open Access
1968Lopsided world.Johns Hopkins University; Ward, B.IDRC Only
1992Lore : capturing traditional environmental knowledgeJohnson, MarthaOpen Access
1995Lorena Aguilar : communities count in Costa RicaMolina, JonathanOpen Access
2001Los efectos agudos de la contaminación del aire en la salud de la población : evidencias de estudios epidemiológicosRosales-Castillo, José Alberto; Torres-Meza, Víctor Manuel; Olaiz-Fernández, Gustavo; Borja-Aburto, Víctor H.IDRC Only
1989Losing a way of life : Mali's nomadsThorpe, C.Open Access
1993Losing groundCarter, D.Open Access
1991Losing groundBlack, D.IDRC Only
1996Losing the landIDRC; Vision TV; WETV; Krugmann, H.; Flemington, P.; Gjerstad, O.; MacDonald, F.Open Access
1981Loss of hydrocyanic acid and its derivatives during sun drying of cassavaMaduagwu, E.N.; Adewale, A.F.Open Access
1984Lost and found : abandoned children in Costa RicaMarchterre, D.Open Access
1992Lost childrenCharbonneau, R.Open Access
1991Lost decade of debt crisisRodriguez, E.Open Access
1977Lotes con servicios : solución a tugurios e invasionesLaquian, A.A.Open Access