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1974Main Korean science and technology development policies in 1970'sRepublic of Korea. Ministry of Science and TechnologyIDRC Only
1965Mainsprings of agricultural growth in India.Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics; Hopper, W.D.IDRC Only
2005Mainstreaming children into national poverty strategies : a child-focused analysis of the Ethiopian sustainable development and poverty reduction program (2002-05)Gutema, Berhanu; Jones, Nicola; Tefera, Bekele; Woldehanna, TassewIDRC Only
Sep-2011Mainstreaming climate change impact in the design of urban drainage infrastructures : a case study of Addis Ababa (Arat kilo-Kebena road)Wolde, AsayehegnIDRC Only
2008Mainstreaming community based natural resource managementSamdup, Tashi; Duba, SangayIDRC Only
2009Mainstreaming gender in development projects in Middle-East and North Africa : lessons learned and success storiesIbrahim, SoumayaOpen Access
2003Mainstreaming gender in IDRC's MINGA Program Initiative : a formative evaluationAdamo, AbraOpen Access
2008Mainstreaming higher education in national and regional development in Southern Africa : a regional profileSayed, Yusuf; MacKenzie, Ian; Shall, Adrienne; Ward, JoannaOpen Access
2004Mainstreaming informal employment and gender in poverty reduction : a handbook for policy - makers and other stakeholdersAlter Chen, M.; Vanek, J.; Carr, M.Open Access
2002Mainstreaming social / gender analysis in the sustainable use of Biodiversity Program Initiative : mid-term evaluationAdamo, Abra K.Open Access
1995Maintaining food resources in Ecuador's highlandsMacDonald, Barbara; Nieto, Carlos; Vimos, CarlosOpen Access
1997Maintenance and improvement of soil productivity in the highlands of Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar and Uganda : an inventory of spatial and non-spatial survey and research data on natural resources and land productivityInternational Centre for Research in Agroforestry, African Highlands Initiative; Braun, A.R.; Smaling, E.M.A.; Muchugu, E.I.; Shepherd, K.D.; Corbett, J.D.Open Access
1996Maintenance and updating of the mangrove ecosystems information service and the CD-ROM library for promotion of sustainable agricultural and rural developmentM.S. Swaminathan Research FoundationIDRC Only
1999Maintenance of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor, Poaceae) landrace diversity by farmers's election in EthiopiaTeshome, A.; Fahrig, L.; Torrance, J.K.; Lambert, J.D.; Arnason, T.J.; Baum, B.R.IDRC Only
1993Maisons de cendresNewton, PeterOpen Access
1973Maisons en soufreDorozynski, A.IDRC Only
1996Maize (Zea mays L.) production in Trinidad and Tobago : development, agronomic, and breeding perspectivesSpaner, D.M.IDRC Only
1984Maize : NepalAgricultural Projects Services CentreIDRC Only
2008Maize and upland rice traits of importance for farmers practicing manual rainfed agriculture in the humid tropics : a Panamanian case-studyLove, B.E.; Luckert, M.; Spaner, D.Open Access
1991Maize based farming systems in West Africa : abstracts of literatureWest African Farming Systems Research NetworkIDRC Only