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2007Local agricultural innovation in China : ensuring a fair share of rights and benefits for farming communitiesVernooy, Ronnie; Yiching Song; Jingsong LiIDRC Only
2008Local and communitarian development : multiple pathways for learning communitiesBlanes, JoséIDRC Only
2002Local and indigenous knowledge as an emergent property of complexity : a case study in the Solomon IslandsWoodley, E.J.IDRC Only
2011Local climate forcing and eco-climatic complexes in the wooded savannah of Western NigeriaFasona, Mayowa; Tadross, Mark; Abiodun, Babatunde; Omojola, AdemolaOpen Access
1993Local colour in a traditional plantBellemare, MichelOpen Access
1990Local community support programmes in Chile : primary education; learning workshops in urban slum settingsVaccaro, L.IDRC Only
1987Local development : the participation of grass roots organizations in the construction of a projectCentro de Investigación y Desarrollo de la Educación; Walker, H.; Sullivan, E.V.IDRC Only
2005Local development planning : a Sta. Elena experienceDoria, BimboOpen Access
2002Local economic development debates in South AfricaQueen's University, Municipal Services Project; Bond, P.Open Access
2004Local experience - based national strategy for organic production and management of MAPs / NTFPs in Nepal : proceedings of the national workshop held at Kathmandu, Nepal, 27-28 Feb. 2004Karki, M.; Bhattarai, N.Open Access
2011Local governance and ICTs in Africa : case studies and guidelines for implementation and evaluationMwololo Waema, Timothy; Ofwona Adera, EdithOpen Access
2009Local Governance and ICTs Research Network for Africa (LOG-IN Africa) : final technical reportWaema, Timothy M.IDRC Only
2010Local government and poverty in South AfricaCashdan, BenIDRC Only
1998Local government fiscal operations in NigeriaEkpo, A.H.; Ndebbio, J.E.U.Open Access
1999Local government in transition : a gendered analysis of trends in urban policy and practice regarding street trading in five South African citiesSkinner, C.IDRC Only
1992Local Government Policy and Planning Research Project : Urban Local Government Structures Sub-ProjectPLANACT Local Government UnitIDRC Only
2007Local government, gender and integrated development planningTodes, Alison; Sithole, Pearl; Williamson, AmandaIDRC Only
2011Local governments at the UNFCCC COP17/CMP7: Urbanising the climate agenda - Highlights and key outcomesICLEI - Local Governments for SustainabilityIDRC Only
1999Local impact of international policy : changing times for Sri Lanka's potato farmersIDRC. Regional Office for Southeast and East Asia, Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia; Weerahewa, J.Open Access
2006Local institutions and forest products extraction : evidence from forest management in NepalKhatri-Chhetri, ArunOpen Access