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1996Maillage électronique et développementWeber, E.J.Open Access
1998Mailo land tenure system, customary land rights and claims in Buganda : a case study of NakasongolaCentre for Basic Research; Muhereza, F.E.IDRC Only
1986Main aspects of REPIDISCA project : final report; phase III extension (1 Jan.-10 Aug. 1986)Red Panamericana de información y Documentación en Ingeniería Sanitaria y Ciencias Ambientales; Pan American Health Organization; Centro Panamericano de Ingeniería Sanitaria y Ciencias del Ambiente; IDRCIDRC Only
1996Main dry-season fish migrations of the Mekong Mainstream at Hat village, Muang Khong district, Hee village, Muang Mouan district and Hatsalao village, PaxseSinghanouvong, Duankum; Soulignavong, Chaloune; Vonghachak, Khamdeng; Saadsy, Bounlium; Warren, Terrv J.IDRC Only
1979Main elements in the system of international financial cooperation for development : talk delivered to the Asian Regional Seminar in preparation for UNCTAD V, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 1-3 February 1979Kappagoda, N.Open Access
1974Main Korean science and technology development policies in 1970'sRepublic of Korea. Ministry of Science and TechnologyIDRC Only
1965Mainsprings of agricultural growth in India.Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics; Hopper, W.D.IDRC Only
2005Mainstreaming children into national poverty strategies : a child-focused analysis of the Ethiopian sustainable development and poverty reduction program (2002-05)Gutema, Berhanu; Jones, Nicola; Tefera, Bekele; Woldehanna, TassewIDRC Only
Sep-2011Mainstreaming climate change impact in the design of urban drainage infrastructures : a case study of Addis Ababa (Arat kilo-Kebena road)Wolde, AsayehegnIDRC Only
2008Mainstreaming community based natural resource managementSamdup, Tashi; Duba, SangayIDRC Only
2009Mainstreaming gender in development projects in Middle-East and North Africa : lessons learned and success storiesIbrahim, SoumayaOpen Access
2003Mainstreaming gender in IDRC's MINGA Program Initiative : a formative evaluationAdamo, AbraOpen Access
2008Mainstreaming higher education in national and regional development in Southern Africa : a regional profileSayed, Yusuf; MacKenzie, Ian; Shall, Adrienne; Ward, JoannaOpen Access
2004Mainstreaming informal employment and gender in poverty reduction : a handbook for policy - makers and other stakeholdersAlter Chen, M.; Vanek, J.; Carr, M.Open Access
2002Mainstreaming social / gender analysis in the sustainable use of Biodiversity Program Initiative : mid-term evaluationAdamo, Abra K.Open Access
1995Maintaining food resources in Ecuador's highlandsMacDonald, Barbara; Nieto, Carlos; Vimos, CarlosOpen Access
1997Maintenance and improvement of soil productivity in the highlands of Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar and Uganda : an inventory of spatial and non-spatial survey and research data on natural resources and land productivityInternational Centre for Research in Agroforestry, African Highlands Initiative; Braun, A.R.; Smaling, E.M.A.; Muchugu, E.I.; Shepherd, K.D.; Corbett, J.D.Open Access
1996Maintenance and updating of the mangrove ecosystems information service and the CD-ROM library for promotion of sustainable agricultural and rural developmentM.S. Swaminathan Research FoundationIDRC Only
1999Maintenance of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor, Poaceae) landrace diversity by farmers's election in EthiopiaTeshome, A.; Fahrig, L.; Torrance, J.K.; Lambert, J.D.; Arnason, T.J.; Baum, B.R.IDRC Only
1993Maisons de cendresNewton, PeterOpen Access