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1987Long-term plan for environmental protection : in pursuit of a healthy and enriched relationship between human beings and the environmentJapan. Environment AgencyIDRC Only
2008Long-term satellite NDVI data sets : evaluating their ability to detect ecosystem functional changes in South AmericaBaldi, Germán; Nosetto, Marcelo D.; Aragón, Roxana; Aversa, Fernando; Paruelo, José M.; Jobbágy, Esteban G.Open Access
2007Long-term seed aid in Ethiopia : past, present and future perspectivesSperling, LouiseIDRC Only
1976Longest journey - begins with the first step : thoughts at the beginning of 1976CIDA; ACDI; Gerin-Lajoie, P.IDRC Only
1978Longhouse fishing gear inventoryBurke, M.G.IDRC Only
1995Longitudinal study of the viability of a participatory research process : technical report for the Coastal area monitoring project (CAMP)Universidad Centroamericana; Christie, P.; Rigby, R.IDRC Only
1979Longitudinal study of three groups of urban elementary school children living in different environmental conditions in GuatemalaMacVean, R.B.IDRC Only
1979Longue marche des bibliothécaires chinoisBroadbent, K.Open Access
1982Look at the future of the fertilizer industry : an economic and technological analysisParsan, E.IDRC Only
1991Look at the relationship between fertility behavior and socioeconomic development from the aspect of the world [Chinese language]Beijing Institute of Information and Control; Chinese University of Hong Kong; He Lin; Yuan JianhuaIDRC Only
1996Look at the world through women's eyes : NGO Forum on Women, Beijing 1995, 30 Aug.-8 Sept.; final reportNGO Forum on Women; Foro de ONG sobre la Mujer; Forum des ONG sur les femmesIDRC Only
1996Look at the world through women's eyes : plenary speeches from the NGO Forum on Women, Beijing 1995NGO Forum on Women; Foro de ONG sobre la Mujer; Forum des ONG sur les femmes; Friedlander, E.IDRC Only
1981Look back at the 70'sDoggett, H.Open Access
1995Looking at health through women's eyesSoon Young YoonOpen Access
1989Looming revolution in PakistanCharbonneau, R.Open Access
1968Lopsided world.Johns Hopkins University; Ward, B.IDRC Only
1992Lore : capturing traditional environmental knowledgeJohnson, MarthaOpen Access
1995Lorena Aguilar : communities count in Costa RicaMolina, JonathanOpen Access
2001Los efectos agudos de la contaminación del aire en la salud de la población : evidencias de estudios epidemiológicosRosales-Castillo, José Alberto; Torres-Meza, Víctor Manuel; Olaiz-Fernández, Gustavo; Borja-Aburto, Víctor H.IDRC Only
1989Losing a way of life : Mali's nomadsThorpe, C.Open Access