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2002Lineamientos para la formulacíon de políticas municipales para la agricultura urbanaCIID; Instituto de Promoción de la Economía SocialOpen Access
1995Lineamientos para políticas dirigidas al sector de educación extraescolarPucci, F.IDRC Only
1992Lineamientos para un programa de estabilización de ajuste drásticoUniversidad del Pacífico; Velarde, J.; Rodríguez, M.IDRC Only
2011Lineamientos para una política de empleo en el ParaguayGonzález Ríos, CynthiaOpen Access
2010Lineamientos y recomendaciones técnicas y de política pública para el abordaje de la enfermedad de chagasSilveira, Antonio CarlosIDRC Only
1997Lingayen Gulf (Philippines) experience : if we have to do it againTalaue-McManus, Liana; Thia Eng, ChuaIDRC Only
1985Lingering debt crisisNorth South Roundtable; UNDP, Development Study Programme; Haq, K.IDRC Only
2009Linguistic background, ethnicity and health inequalities in Peru : 16th Canadian Conference on International Health - Health Equity: Our Global Responsibility, Ottawa, October 26, 2009Valdivia, MartinIDRC Only
2002Link between trade and labor standards : still and unsettled questionLengyel, Miguel F.; Labaqui, IgnacioOpen Access
2001Linkage between local research and public policy : an observation from Jhikhu Khola watershed NepalNakrmi, G.; Shah, P.B.IDRC Only
2009Linkage impact of foreign direct investment on labor productivity in KoreaLee, Hongshik; Kang, SungjinIDRC Only
2014Linkage to dynamic markets and rural territorial development in Latin AmericaEscobal, Javier; Favareto, Arilson; Aguirre, Francisco; Ponce, CarmenOpen Access
1991Linkages between agricultural research and extension in Sierra Leone : a seminar reportLakoh, A.K.IDRC Only
1984Linkages between research and extension in EthiopiaHaile, A.Open Access
Mar-2011Linkages in Botswana's diamond cutting and polishing industryMbayi, LetsemaIDRC Only
Mar-2011Linkages in Ghana's gold mining industry : challenging the enclave thesisBloch, Robin; Owusu, GeorgeIDRC Only
2003Linked technologies for increasing adoption and impactStroud, AnnOpen Access
1994Linking a global core agenda with regional activities for the application of social sciences in healthMahidol University; DelVecchio Good, M.J.; Higginbotham, N,; Briceno-Leon, R.; Yablo, P.; Santhat SermsriIDRC Only
1996Linking Applied Research with Health Policy International Workshop, Cuernavaca, Mexico, 25-28 February 1996Nuyens, YvoIDRC Only
2008Linking changing agroecosystems to human health and well-being : lessons from the Ecohealth program; a synthesis reportKilelu, CatherineOpen Access