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1991Livestock and range research in Botswana, 1991Ministry of Agriculture. Animal Production and Range Research UnitIDRC Only
1992Livestock and range research in Botswana, 1992Ministry of Agriculture. Animal Production and Range Research UnitIDRC Only
1993Livestock and range research in Botswana, 1993Ministry of Agriculture. Animal Production and Range Research UnitIDRC Only
1987Livestock and range reserach in Botswana, 1987Ministry of Agriculture. Animal Production Research UnitIDRC Only
1997Livestock and the environment : finding a balancede Haan, C.; Steinfeld, H.; Blackburn, H.IDRC Only
1997Livestock and the environment : meeting the challengeFAOIDRC Only
1980Livestock as food and moneySchneider, H.K.Open Access
1980Livestock development and range use in NigeriaAwogbade, M.O.Open Access
1987Livestock development and range utilization in LesothoLesotho. Ministry of Agriculture; National University of Lesotho; Swallow, B.M.; Brokken, R.F.; Motsamai, M.; Sopeng, L.; Storey, G.IDRC Only
1997Livestock environment interactions : issues and optionsSteinfeld, H.; de Haan, C.; Blackburn, H.IDRC Only
1997Livestock for human well-being : IDRC research opportunities stemming from the Global Consultation on Livestock, Environment and Human NeedsIDRC; Saad, N.; Peden, D.; Seré, C.Open Access
1982Livestock in Asia : issues and policiesFine, Jeffrey C.; Lattimore, Ralph G.Open Access
1976Livestock production in the tropics : a preliminary annotated bibliography of South and Southeast Asian literature with reference to basic studies elsewhere covering the period 1966-1976Southeast Asian Regional Centre for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture; Dayao, B.M.IDRC Only
1991Livestock production systems in arid and semi-arid areas of Eastern and Southern AfricaKarue, C.N.IDRC Only
2014Livestock stations as foci of groundwater recharge and nitrate leaching in a sandy desert of the Central Monte, ArgentinaMeglioli, Pablo A.; Aranibar, Julieta N.; Villagra, Pablo E.; Alvarez, Juan A.; Jobbágy, Esteban G.IDRC Only
1999Livestock to 2020 : the next food revolutionInternational Food Policy Research Institute; International Livestock Research Institute; FAO; Delgado, C.; Rosegrant, M.; Steinfeld, H.; Ehui, S.; Courbois, C.Open Access
31-Oct-2014Livestock Vaccines Against Viral Diseases for Developing Farmers in sub‐Saharan Africa : final technical report (March 2012 - August 2014)Babiuk, Lorne; Wallace, DavidOpen Access
2004Living in limbo : the case of young Sudanese male refugees in Cairo; field reportAdam, G.A.IDRC Only
2003Living in the paddies : a social science perspective on how inland valley irrigated rice cultivation affects malaria in Northern Côte d'IvoireDe Plaen, R.; Geneau, R.; Teuscher, T.; Koutoua, A.; Seka, M.L.IDRC Only
1992Living inventionsBelcher, B.Open Access