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1985Macroeconomic adjustment in Africa : suggested researchKillick, T.IDRC Only
2001Macroeconomic adjustment policies, health sector reform, access to, utilization and quality of health services in Mexico : assessing the linksInstituto Nacional de Salud Pública, Centro de Investigación en Sistemas de Salud; Durán, L.; Abrantes, R.; Arjonilla, S.; Brachet, V.; Carrillo, C.IDRC Only
2001Macroeconomic adjustment policies, health sector reform, and access, utilisation and quality of health care : studying the macro - micro links; an IDRC initiativeMohindra, K.; Haddad, S.Open Access
2000Macroeconomic adjustment policies, health sector reform, and health care : an investigation of the macro - micro linkagesMohindra, K.; Haddad, S.; Haggerty, J.; Callaway, M.Open Access
-Macroeconomic adjustment policies, health sector reforms and access to, utilisation and quality of care in ZimbabweChandiwana, StephenIDRC Only
Aug-2000Macroeconomic adjustment program health project : Kenya country reportNational Health Research and Development CentreIDRC Only
2001Macroeconomic adjustment programs, health sector reform and health care accessibility, utilization and quality : assessing links; the Colombian caseAsociación Colombiana de la SaludIDRC Only
1995Macroeconomic adjustment, trade and growth : policy analysis using a macroeconomic model of NigeriaSoludo, C.C.Open Access
1991Macroeconomic approach to external debt : the case of NigeriaAjayi, S.I.Open Access
1994Macroeconomic constraints and medium term growth in Kenya : a three gap analysisMwega, F.M.; Mwangi, N.; Olewe-Ochilo, F.Open Access
1996Macroeconomic context for policies, projects and programmes to promote social development and combat poverty in Latin America and the CaribbeanUniversity of Toronto, Centre for International Studies; Canadian Foundation for the Americas; Berry, A.Open Access
1991Macroeconomic demographic model for Ethiopia : specification, estimation and simulationKidane, A.Open Access
2001Macroeconomic developments in the 1990sBangladesh Institute of Development Studies; Mujeri, M.K.Open Access
1999Macroeconomic effects of VAT in Nigeria : a computable general equilibrium analysisAjakaiye, D.O.Open Access
2007Macroeconomic foundations of inclusive middle-class growthBirdsall, NancyOpen Access
1998Macroeconomic implications of demographic changes in KenyaKirori, G.N.; Ali, J.Open Access
1992Macroeconomic instability and trade liberalization in Brazil : lessons from the 1980s to the 1990sUniversity of Wales; Bonelli, Regis; Franco, Gustavo B.; Fritsch, WinstonIDRC Only
1989Macroeconomic models for policy analysis in Latin AmericaCorporación de Investigaciones Económicas para Latinoamérica; Vial, J.IDRC Only
1992Macroeconomic performance, stabilization and adjustment : the experience of Bangladesh in the 1980sRahman, S.H.IDRC Only
1991Macroeconomic policies and long term growth : a conceptual and empirical reviewKhan, M.S.; Villanueva, D.Open Access