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1992Life and debtTelevision Trust for the Environment; One World Group of Broadcasters; British Broadcasting Corporation; Cavalcanti, O.B.; Souza, H. de; Firstbrook, P.IDRC Only
1977Life cycle swine feeding systems with cassavaGómez, G.Open Access
1994Life cycle, early life history, fisheries and recruitment dynamics of diadromous gobies of Dominica, W.I., emphasising Sicydium punctatum PerugiaBell, K.N.I.IDRC Only
2004Life fences in Ségou, Mali : an evaluation by their early usersLevasseur, Virginie; Djimdé, Mamadou; Olivier, AlainIDRC Only
1998Life for all (Uganda version)Troupe, NdereIDRC Only
1994Life for all : a noble attempt at agrobiotechnological transferNdere Troupe of Kampala; Woomer, P.; Rwangyezi, S.IDRC Only
1990Life history and ecomorphology of flying fishes (Exocoetidae) in the Flores Sea, IndonesiaWatson, D.J.IDRC Only
1991Life, patents and cultureChevalier, J.M.IDRC Only
Oct-2012Lifemedia for a wireless world : participatory democracy and the radio spectrum in Canada and UruguayLight, EvanIDRC Only
1984Lift for water supplies : handpump researchSharp, D.S.Open Access
2011LIFT House : an amphibious strategy for sustainable and affordable housing for the urban poor in flood-prone BangladeshProsun, PrithulaIDRC Only
1987Light at the end of the tunnel : soil and the Cairo subwayCharbonneau, R.Open Access
1998Light weapons proliferation : the link between security and development-Open Access
1998Lignes directrices du CRDI pour la préparation des rapports de rechercheCRDIOpen Access
2002Lignes directrices du CRDI pour la préparation des rapports de rechercheCRDIIDRC Only
Apr-1989Lignes directrices pour la réalisation et la documentation de projets de petites minoteriesBassey, Michael W.; Schmidt, O.G.Open Access
1988Lignites qui brûlent mieuxCharbonneau, R.Open Access
1988Lignito propio para las acerías TurcasCharbonneau, R.Open Access
1995Lijiang Cooperatives Project - Narrative Final Report - Activities and Results for 1992-1994Howard, Roger; Howard, PatIDRC Only
2010Like parents, like citizens : Mexican children's political socialization; working paperHuerta-Wong, Juan EnriqueIDRC Only