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1987Luz al final del TúnelCharbonneau, R.Open Access
1978Lymphoid changes in African trypanosomiasisMorrison, W.I.; Murray, M.Open Access
2006M & E planning workshop for the IDRC focus cities research program in Asia : workshop report, 28 Nov. - 2 Dec. 2006, Kandy, Sri Lanka-Open Access
2009M&G / Neotel breakfast address, Cape Town, 23 June 2009Gillwald, AlisonIDRC Only
2008M-19's journey from armed struggle to democratic politics : striving to keep the revolution connected to the peopleDurán, Mauricio García; Loewenherz, Vera Grabe; Hormaza, Otty PatiñoIDRC Only
2008M-banking the unbankedComninos, Alex; Esselaar, Steve; Ndiwalana, Ali; Stork, ChristophOpen Access
1982M-space, executive structures and cognitive styles as a function of age, schooling and culture in Ghana : a neo-Piagetian cross cultural cognitive perspectiveFiati, T.IDRC Only
1999M. S. Swaminathan Research Foundation, Centre for Research on Sustainable Agricultural and Rural Development : ninth annual report, 1998 - 99M. S. Swaminathan Research FoundationOpen Access
1999Maasai use of plants in Loliondo, Tanzania, and their impact on wild populations of two of the most used trees : Juniperus procera Endl. (Cupressaceae) and Olea africana Mill. (Oleaceae)Searle, Nicholas A.IDRC Only
1991MACAC : teoría y práctica de la educación indígena; estudio de caso en el EcuadorCorporación Educativa "Macac"; Centro Latinoamericano de Tecnología y Educación Rural; Yáñez C., C.IDRC Only
1974Macedonian Science Technology Policy Instruments Project : phase one reportPetkovski, Vlado; Popovska, Zlatka; Evtimovski, Krume; Novacevski, Dimitrija; Kljusev, NikolaIDRC Only
1980Machanical planting and other cassava cultural practices in CubaRodríguez Nodals, A.Open Access
1979Machine that dehulls and grinds sorghum for usEisener, N.IDRC Only
1988Machine toolsIndian Council for Research on International Economic Relations; Mehta, A.K.IDRC Only
1990Machines de récolte et de battage du paddy dans la vallée du fleuve Sénégal : mise à jour des résultats d'enquêtes de mai 1989 à juin 1990Route du front de terre; Institut sénégalais de recherches agricoles; Tandia, D.; Havard, M.IDRC Only
1986Macro - solutions du micro - ordinateurFleury, J.M.Open Access
1986Macro - solutions on microcomputersFleury, J.M.Open Access
1994Macro Economic Research Group (MERG) : audit reportNedcor Internal Audit DivisionIDRC Only
2001Macro model for BangladeshBangladesh Institute of Development Studies; Hossain, M. IsmailOpen Access
2004Macro performance, income distribution and poverty in India : analysis in a macro - econometric frameworkNational Council of Applied Economic Research; Pradhan, Basanta K.; Kumar Pant, DevendraIDRC Only