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1972Intermediate manpower: the gap in development strategyCorea, G.IDRC Only
1982Intermediate public transportation for developing countries case study : Bandung, IndonesiaBudhy Tjahjati Sugijanto SoegijokoIDRC Only
1972Intermediate technology for developing nationsSpurgeon, D.IDRC Only
1997Internacionalismo canadiense en el siglo XXI : conversación con Maurice StrongSmith, MichaelOpen Access
1983Internacionalización financiera en ArgentinaGerchunoff, P.IDRC Only
1983Internacionalización financiera en BrasilBaer, MónicaIDRC Only
1983Internacionalización financiera en BrazilBaer, M.IDRC Only
1983Internacionalización financiera mexicanaQuijano, Jose Manuel; Antía, FernandoIDRC Only
1983Internacionalización y comercio internacional en América LatinaLahera, EugenioIDRC Only
1990Internal debt management in AfricaRoe, A.R.Open Access
2000Internal evaluation of activities in Northeast Somalia (Puntland)-Open Access
1989Internal evaluation of IDRC's Women in Development UnitO'Rourke, N.J.Open Access
2004Internal evaluation of the core activities supported by the Global Development Network : report of the GDN SecretariatMuth, Peter; Gerlach, FredOpen Access
1976Internal migration and metropolitan development in TurkeySanli, I,; Uenal, Y.; Kilincaslan, I.IDRC Only
2013Internal migration in India : addressing gendered vulnerabilities and access to rightsCentre for Women's Development Studies (CWDS)Open Access
1992Internal mobility and HIV spread in UgandaAnkrah, E.M.; Wangalwa, S.M.; Asingwiire N.; Atuhiire, A.IDRC Only
2010Internal review of IDRC's fellowships and awards program-Open Access
1998Internally displaced people : a global surveyNorwegian Refugee Council, Global IDP Survey; Hampton, J.IDRC Only
2009Internally displaced people in Colombia, victims in permanent transition : ethical and political dilemas of reparative justice in the midst of internal armed conflictJiménez Ocampo, Sandro; Nubia Bello, Martha; Meertens, Donny; Edilma Osorio, Flor; Venegas Luque, RocíoIDRC Only
1995International agreements and the environmentEconomic Research Forum; Safadi, RaedOpen Access