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2006International Development Research Centre in Tunisia [Arabic language]IDRCOpen Access
2006International Development Research Centre in West Bank and Gaza [Arabic language]IDRCOpen Access
2006International Development Research Centre in Yemen [Arabic language]IDRCOpen Access
1979International Development Research Centre LibrarySchafer, M.E.IDRC Only
1984International Development Research Centre Library's use of MINISISSly, M.IDRC Only
1988International Development Research Centre Meeting, Citadelle, Montréal, PQ, October 26, 1988IDRCIDRC Only
1969International Development Research Centre of Canada-IDRC Only
30-Jun-1969International Development Research Centre of Canada : memorandum to Cabinet supporting proposed draft legislation of the proposed Centre and draft of an Act to establish the IDRC of Canada, June 30, 1969Canada. Privy Council Office; Sharp, MitchellIDRC Only
1974International Development Research Centre programs in agriculture, fisheries, forestry, and food scienceIDRCOpen Access
2000International Development Research Centre secretariat forum, Oct. 16, 2000IDRCOpen Access
1991International Development Research Centre strategies for research and development of small ruminantsDevendra, C.IDRC Only
1985International Development Research Centre to the National Archives of Zimbabwe, 1984Kamba, A.S.IDRC Only
1995International Development Research Centre's environment program in Cambodia : an assessment of the first two yearsTalbott, K.Open Access
1983International Development Research Centre, Canada : activities in rural developmentBor, W. van den; Fuller, D.M.IDRC Only
2005International Development Research Centre, Canada : external review of the Governance Equity and Health prospectus; final reportDachs, N.; Macfarlane, S.; Stansfield, S.Open Access
1976International Development Research Centre.Vespry, H.A.IDRC Only
2009International developments in the textile and clothing industries : challenges for Arab countriesAbugattas, Luis; Accorigi, Andrea; Tsepeleva, Yulia; Ruscio, MiriamIDRC Only
1986International Diarrhoeal Disease Information Service and Documentation Centre : progress report for the extension period 1 July 1985-15 Jan. 1986International Diarrhoeal Information Service and Documentation Centre; Khan, M.S.I.; Aziz, K.M.SIDRC Only
1981International directory of coconut research workersCoconut Research InstituteIDRC Only
1992International directory of ferrocement organizations and expertsAsian Institute of Technology; Robles-Austriaco, L.IDRC Only